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51 Things to See In Rotterdam

51 Things to See In Rotterdam

Entrance Depot Boijmans van Beuningen museum, Rotterdam

What to see when you visit Rotterdam

This list helps you to make decisions. Rotterdam has many attractive places. Most museums, for example, are located in the centre. But there are also 5 museums in Hoek van Holland, about 30 minutes from the city centre. Rotterdam is divided into North-Rotterdam North and South-Rotterdam, separated by the Maas. In Rotterdam, we say Rotterdam-Zuid and Rotterdam-Noord.

We have 14 Districts in Rotterdam. If you intend to walk on the Rotterdam Beach, by car, it takes 30 minutes to get there. The metro will bring you to Hoek van Holland in 1 hour. The list of the locations is in random order.

We are super curious about which spots you will visit. Have fun, and let us know what you like the most. To teach you some Nederlands, the names of the locations are written in Dutch.

1. Let’s Kick off with a Popular Museum

An eye-catching museum along Westzeedijk

The first hotspot on the list is an Art Museum. The Kunsthal is a crowd-puller in Rotterdam. It regularly hosts a variety of exhibitions or shows, from modern art to cultural art or architecture. The museum building is a piece of architectural art with several visible artworks on the outside. Even people who never really visit a museum will enjoy visiting the Kunsthal.

The art exhibitions vary depending on what the team of museum experts has put together at the time. They usually focus on a theme going on in Rotterdam or the world. The Kunsthal can be found near the Eendrachtsplein on the Museumpark. Museumpark is home to several museums. So if you want to have a cultural day, there is plenty to see.

2. Photos from Professionals

Photography is a big part of our life, if we like it or not. People take pictures on every corner with their high-tech cameras or phones. The Nederlands Fotomuseum holds a little less than 6 million pictures. All collections held by the museum are about photography in the Netherlands.

Dutch Photo museum Rotterdam
Rotterdam 2023, bikes and the cruise ship AIDA, in front of the Dutch Photo Museum

The photographers are from all over the world. So if you are lucky, the pictures of a visual artist from your country can be seen in the museum. You can find the museum in Rotterdam-South in the district Feijenoord. If you like to take some spectacular photos yourself, the Kop van Zuid, where the museum is located, inspires photographers. There is a permanent collection on display and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. You can see the current collection and what exhibition is coming.

3. You will Look like a Giant in this Tiny City

If you are lazy, then you should go to Miniworld Rotterdam. In less than 2 hours, you can enjoy the mini version of Rotterdam. You see the city by daylight and Rotterdam by night. How do they do this? That’s a surprise you have to find out yourself.

Miniworld Rotterdam is a perfect getaway when you visit our city with children. You will discover the miniature version of Rotterdam in a set-up of over 650 square metres. It is a surprising place full of information about the city and, of course, about Europe’s largest port. I give you a guarantee that you will enjoy what you see. Put on your glasses because there are many funny situations which will put a smile on your face.

4. Remember the Holland America Line

A visit to the SS Rotterdam is an experience you won’t forget. Going back in time when so many Dutch people travelled to the promised land, America. The experience of a guided tour on this historic Holland America Line passenger ship is impressive. The beautiful historical details, such as the 1950s interior and the deck with the swimming pool, were restored to their former glory.

At the end of the tour, you can feel how the passengers and crew experienced the wild trip over the ocean. This famous Dutch steamship has found her resting place at the quay near Katendrecht and shows off her 228 long, 51 metres high and 28 metres wide. The SS Rotterdam has been docked since February 2010. On board, there is a hotel and a few bars and restaurants. Many events are organized on the old cruise ship, and you can play Escape Rooms.

The 2 Passenger ships below were also part Of the Holland America Line (source city archive)

5. Here, You can look in the Mirror and see the Rotterdam Skyline

We would rather not tell you which of these 51 places on this list you should visit. But if you do not go to the Depot, you will regret this for a long time. The depot has been open since November 2021, and 250.000 people have been inside. It’s not a museum, although you can see some stored art. You can learn how the museum keeps the old paintings safe. There is also a room where you can see how people work on a painting restoration.

The Depot is the world’s first storage where visitors can look inside. The complete art collection consists of 151,000 art objects that are being restored and conserved.
The exterior is a massive mirror, which made it an instant Rotterdam icon. Thousands of pictures can already be found online. Can you shoot an original photo?

Visitors can go to the roof garden, where a restaurant and stunning 360 city views await them.

6. Would you Like to Live above the Market?

Since the opening of the Depot, the Markthal next to Blaak Station is the second-best place you can visit. The design of the building is unique, and on the inside, the world’s most enormous work of art awaits you, called the Horn of Plenty. I’m sure you’ll look at the ceiling a few times.

You can eat delicious food at one of the 40 permanent market stalls in the Market Hall. Multiple tastes and cultures come together. For instance, you will find Asian, Dutch, Arabic and Italian products and dishes. Rotterdam is proud of the Market Hall because of the 175 cultures in the city.

7. The Former Biggest Port of the World is still..

Visiting Rotterdam is also visiting the biggest port in Europe. For some years, the port of Rotterdam was the biggest in the world. In 2022, we are still in the top 10 of the world.

If you want to learn about our port’s history, Maritiem Museum Rotterdam might be your place. This museum tells you everything about the past and present of the port of Rotterdam through exhibitions and activities.
The Maritime Museum Rotterdam offers an impressive collection of cranes and (historic) ships. You can find this important museum in the centre of Rotterdam.

8. Another Memory of the Holland America Line

Hotel New York is the former office building of the Holland America Line. It oversees the port of Rotterdam from the terrace in front of the Hotel.
The building dates back to 1901, and almost all the details are still authentic. There are even tower rooms where you can spend the night.

The restaurant at Hotel New York is very popular, and you almost always have to book a table one week in advance.

9. Two Young Elephants

Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo is one of the most beautiful animal parks in the Netherlands. Many families with small children are regular visitors to the animals in the zoo. But even many adult locals visit the zoo now and then. You can find the zoo in the city district, Rotterdam North.

The zoo is divided into themed areas: a Malaysian forest, Mongolian steppes, a Chinese garden and a crocodile river. You also walk among the extraordinary marine life in the covered section of Oceanium. In short: there are plenty of exciting things to experience at Blijdorp Zoo.

10. Dutch Architecture, Functionalism

Van Nelle Factory Architecture Rotterdam

The extraordinary architecture of Van Nelle Fabriek still captures the imagination. Made of steel, glass and concrete, the building is a meeting place for fair and congress visitors. Creative entrepreneurs are building the next successful businesses.

It was once Europe’s most modern factory. Today, you can visit parts of the building. If you like to shoot some architectural photos, this is where you should go.

11. It’s green, and you can have a BBQ here

Besides being the biggest port in Europe, Rotterdam is among the world’s top 50 green cities. You can find almost 70 parks, gardens, forests and green areas in and around the city. In Het Park, you will find lots of peace and nature in the middle of the city! And when you relax on your back on the green grass, you see the Euromast.

It’s allowed to enjoy a BBQ in Het Park. There are a few spots in the park where you can prepare your steak, hamburger or mashed potatoes. You have a few cosy places in and around Het Park where you can sit down and buy food. One of those is the eatery De Ballentent, a well-known spot where you can eat lovely Dutch meatballs. Now we teach you Dutch. Just ask for a bal gehakt.

When the best meatballs in Rotterdam are not good enough for you, there is also Restaurant Parkheuvel. This restaurant from Erik van Loo holds 2 Michelin Stars. And of course, you can also have a nice picnic on a blanket on the green grass.

Under the Euromast, next to Het Park, you can play mini golf on the 18-hole course Midget Golfbaan Parkhaven. If you want to have a relaxing day in nature and be surrounded by people and trees, this is where you would like to go.

12. The Swan

The official name is the Erasmus Brug, and the Swan is the nickname of this bridge. You understand the nickname when you see this white giant connecting both sides of Rotterdam. The bridge is 800 meters long and 139 metres high.

You can cross the bridge by car or tram. But you will enjoy the view so much better when you walk. Some ships on the Maas cross under the bridge when you are lucky. Crossing the Erasmus bridge from north to south can make you thirsty.

Next to the bridge, in Rotterdam-south, you can’t miss the building De Rotterdam. Inside this building is the NHOW hotel. This hotel has a rooftop terrace at the site of the river Maas. Here you can enjoy a cold beer and see the Erasmus Bridge simultaneously.

The 3 photos below show the building process of the Erasmus Bridge. Photos made available by Rotterdam Archive.

13. Some Cornwine Distillery History

Many people know the Netherlands because of our windmills. In Rotterdam, we also have a few windmills. In the historic Delfshaven district, you can visit Korenmolen De Distilleerketel. This beautiful mill was built in 1986, but there’s a lot of history to be found here.

In the same area, there already was a mill in 1727. This mill was burned down 172 years later. The mill was rebuilt again, but in WWII, tragedy destroyed the mill again.

You can visit the inside of the mill. You will then see how the mill is still working and traditionally grinding grain. The nice thing is that this flour is supplied to local bakers, so the mill is actively used. Daily, from 11:00 until 17:00, you can have a look inside.

14. Kabouter ButtPlug

Do you want to see something funny? Let’s go to Eendrachtsplein in the city centre. This statue, ‘Santa Claus,’ will catch your eye. It’s from the contemporary artist Paul McCarthy from Utah, USA. Since 2001 this has been one of the pieces of art you can see everywhere in Rotterdam.

I don’t have to explain why the locals call this statue ‘Dwarf Butt Plug.’ The official story is Father Christmas holding a Christmas tree, representing consumer culture. One thing is for sure, the statue attracts a lot of attention when people walk by for the first time.

15. A Gothic-style Church

Sint Laurenskerk is one of the few historical buildings that survived the bombing of World War II. You will find this beautiful Gothic-style church dating back to the Middle Ages in the centre of Rotterdam.

Every Sunday, people are welcome in the Laurenskerk to join church service. And to maintain the perfect condition of the church, there are also diners, events, exhibitions and performances. For a few euros, you can see the church on the inside.

From April to October, you can see the Rotterdam skyline from the top of the Laurenskerk tower. This is not for everyone. You need to climb 300 steps to arrive at the top. It is worth every step. That’s a promise.

16. Street Art is Everywhere in our City

In 2001, Rotterdam was the capital cultural city of Europe. This was the start of more visible art in the streets of Rotterdam. One of the initiatives was Rewriters010. This group work with the street artist to make the city more colourful.

The best part of this art is that it’s free to enjoy for everyone. I’m sure you will see some lovely paintings while you walk in the streets of Rotterdam. There’s also a possibility to walk an organized tour from the Rewriters010.

Rewriters010 offers six walking tours for free. Download them in the App Store or Google Play. You can also book a guided tour to learn more about the background or artists. Book a guided tour on the website REWRITERS010.

17. An old green Railway Bridge

Rotterdam is a city with many bridges. De Hef, translated as ‘Uplift’ in English, is a household name in Rotterdam. The real name of this green bridge is the Koningenshavenbrug.

The old railway bridge made of robust steel was no longer needed when a tunnel in the river Maas became the new route for train traffic.
The bridge connected The North Island was connected to the South by this monumental bridge.

In 2022 ‘De Hef’ was in the news worldwide. The bridge should be dissembled so that the new Superyacht from Jeff Bezos, built by the Dutch company Oceanco, could pass. For example, this article was written in The Guardian. After protests and threats to damage the ship, another solution was found to transport the ship to his following location.

18. If you like Books

Treat yourself to the Rotterdam Public Library and take in all its beauty and interest. This library is one of the city’s busiest cultural institutions, with over 2.6 million annual visitors.
Both the contents and the exterior of the building are fascinating. The design is also known as Rotterdam’s Centre Pompidou, as its distinctive style makes it look just like this building from France. It’s close to Station Blaak.

19. A Modern Church is helping People

Are you a fan of modern architecture? Then be sure to look at De Pauluskerk on Mauritsweg. This church has an unusual and futuristic appearance. Standing in front of the church, its copper-brown colour and triangular shapes will never cease to amaze you.

The Paulus Church serves as a religious centre and supports needy people such as addicts and the homeless. So besides a religious one, it also has a social function.

20. What was Napoleon doing in Rotterdam?

Among all the modern buildings in the middle of Rotterdam city centre, you will come across Het Schielandshuis. Luckily for the people of Rotterdam, this historical building from 1662 survived the World War II bombing of the city.

Check out the authentic and detailed architecture of the Schielandshuis and take a walk into the beautiful garden. Maybe you feel why Napoleon and his wife slept in the Schielandshuis in 1811.

21. A farm in the Middle of Rotterdam

Where can you find a farm in the middle of the big city? In Rotterdam, we have a 1000 m², fully functioning Dakakker Roof Farm on top of the building Schieblock. In the centre, close to the Hofplein.

On the farm, edible flowers and fruits are grown, and bees are kept. You can visit the farm and the restaurant, both on the same roof.

22. WWII Memory

Near Blaak and between the Maritime Museum and the Chamber of Commerce is Plein 1940. This square became a memorial beacon for the devastating bombing of Rotterdam on 14 May 1940.

You will behold an impressive and powerful sculpture by artist Zadkine in the middle of the square. The Destroyed City looks like a body without a heart, which can be interpreted as the Rotterdam heart that was ripped out of the city by the bombings.

23. You have to Look Up to See This Beautiful piece of Architecture

We talked about this building before. Rotterdam attracts many architectural lovers from all over the world. De Rotterdam, designed by Rem Koolhaas, is drawing impressive attention.

Find your way to the Kop van Zuid, and spot the Rotterdam, among many other exciting things you can see. Don’t forget your camera.

24. Famous Football Stadium

In Rotterdam-South, you can visit the home ground of Feyenoord. After winning all their international finals outside Rotterdam, in 2002, Feyenoord defended Borussia Dortmund to win the UEFA Cup for the second time in their history.

Numerous other essential football finals were played in De Kuip, and tens of well-known artists performed in the stadium. You can book a 90-minute tour in de Kuip.

25. Yellow Houses

When searching for information on Google, you probably have seen pictures of the Kubus Woningen. The square houses look impossible to live in. But when you are inside one of the Cube Houses you can visit, you will see that they were designed and built practically.

Visiting the cube house doesn’t take much time, but it will give you unforgettable memories and exciting pictures.

26. Shopping Street

Do you like shopping in Rotterdam? De Koopgoot is a must-see for any shopaholic. This shopping street is full of big chain shops like Hema, Zara, Lush and Douglas.

Beurstraverse, the official name, is located in the heart of Rotterdam’s shopping centre. To enter the Koopgoot, you will have to walk down quite a set of stairs, described by many Rotterdammers as ´pleuristrap´ because it is somewhat uncomfortable. Have a look and judge for yourself!

27. The White House

White House, Witte Huis Rotterdam

Yes, Het Witte Huis. No, it’s not a copy of the presidential mansion in Washington. The White House in Rotterdam was the first skyscraper. In September 1898, it was a state-of-the-art modern office building. Despite the building being only 43 metres high, it was the highest in Europe. If you fancy architecture, it’s worth seeing the building. It was built in Art Nouveau style.

Nowadays, there is a Grand Cafe, Het Witte Huis, on the ground floor. Here you can have a drink or something to eat. They also have the key to the top floor of the White House. On special occasions, they open the secret door upstairs.

28. You Should see this 360 View

If you don’t get the key to seeing the top of the White House, I advise you to visit De Euromast. This was the highest place you could visit in Rotterdam for a long time. There are 2 viewing platforms at 100 and 112 metres. When you want to go to 187 metres, a special elevator rotates to the top.

After this spectacular 360 view over Rotterdam, you can enjoy lunch or dinner in the restaurant. This is still 100 metres high. But be aware you have to reserve a table, at least a few days before, if you want to eat and enjoy the view simultaneously.

For your information. With 215 metres, Zalmhaventoren is the highest building in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, this building is not open for visitors yet.

Photo November 2022. The Euromast, for a 360 view over Rotterdam. On the left, you see the Zalmhaven Tower. In 2023, you can visit this new building.

29. This is a Beautiful Lake

This Lake in the district of Kralingen will surprise you with its dazzling nature. The Kralingse Bos surrounds the water. The forest gives people a place of peacefulness next to the big city of Rotterdam. Every year, 3.5 million people find their way to the Karalingse Plas.

In summer, you can enjoy the sun on the beach, swim in the lake or have a picnic. The year through, you can stroll among the trees, appreciate nature and breathe fresh air. You can sit down in several locations and buy something to eat.

The hidden gem in the Kralingse Plas is the Heemtuin. This peaceful garden is an oasis of rest.

30. Uitkijkpunt Lührs

Viewpoint Lührs treats visitors with a fantastic view of the skyline of Rotterdam. This vantage point is located in Bergschenhoek, a small village next to Rotterdam. You must climb a 40-metre-high hill in the middle of nature, but the rewarding view will be astonishing. On a clear day, you can even see The Hague’s skyline!

Bonus Thing to See in Rotterdam

A few kilometres from Lührs, there’s another high point to look over Rotterdam. You can wave at each other if you are on Lührs and the other person on Watchtower Bergschenhoek.

The view from the watchtower is a little better than from the viewpoint. The road up to Lührs, between the green bushes and beautiful lawns, is more spectacular.

No, we do not show you the beautiful view from both locations. Put on your shoes and walk to the top yourself. Tip: Head to one of these locations to see the sunrise.

Bonus Thing to Do

If you like to be active, you can spend a whole day around these places. From the top of Lührs, you can almost ski down the artificial slopes of Outdoor Valley Winter Sports. The perfect place for people who are eager to learn skiing. Or maybe you want a warm-up before heading to the mountains with real snow.

Almost next to the watchtower, you can let off steam on the other Outdoor Valley attractions. Rent a canoe or climb the 35-meter-high outdoor climbing wall. You can do archery, do outdoor fitness and eat lovely food. Definitely, you’re going to get hungry after all these activities. The children can just come along. There are plenty of activities for young people.

next locations under these photos

31. Witte de Withstraat

Art and fun lovers, beware: Rotterdam’s Witte de Withstraat is waiting for you. This cultural and hip street full of life in the city centre is full of cafés, restaurants, and shops with special collections.

Several galleries display their art pieces. Visit the art institute Melly to sparkle your creative spirit. All in one of the most intimate streets in Rotterdam.

32. Futureland

Have you ever realized what is going on in the port of Rotterdam? We see massive vessels and giant container ships, but it requires great effort to let this 24/7 business operate smoothly.

FutureLand offers the opportunity to see all aspects of the Maasvlakte and Europe’s largest port up close. Here you can see with your own eyes what container terminals look like and how huge container ships sail past and dock. It’s a perfect outing for young and old, and also free.

33. Sparta Stadium, Het Kasteel

Sparta stadium, Het Kasteel, the Castle
You can see why the Sparta stadium is called Het Kasteel, the castle. The photo was taken in MiniWorld, no. 3 in this list.

Sparta is the oldest professional football team in the Netherlands. The club was founded in 1888. For more than 100 years, Het Kasteel has been the home ground of Sparta. In 1999, the stadium was largely rebuilt.

The buildings responsible for the nickname Het Kasteel, the castle, are still part of the stadium. You can visit the stadium, tour the castle and see the Sparta museum. Check this website for bookings.

34. ROAR Rotterdam Art Ride

Pillars under a bridge, that’s what I like to show you. In the city district Afrikaanderwijk, 18 pillars are around Rijnhaven and Maashaven metro stations. Visual art is accessible to all, conceived and created by a group of European artists.

The paintings are another project of the ongoing street art development. This spot is in the south of Rotterdam. The Afrikaanderwijk district was one of the first neighbourhoods with the most non-western inhabitants. A multicultural area. Waiting for your visit.

35. Rotterdam City hall and courtyard

Two in one, when you go to the Coolsingel number 40. The city hall was built in 1920 and survived the bombings in WWII. When you like to see old buildings, visit the Rotterdam town hall. The architecture is remarkable, and an inside tour shows you unique art pieces and impressive rooms.

Tours are on Monday, 9:00 and 15:00 and Friday, 9:00 and 13:30. The courtyard is always open for the public during working hours. So if you like architecture and gardens, you will go home with many beautiful pictures.

36. Floating farm

Floating Farm Rotterdam

Water, innovation, and sustainability come together in the Floating farm in Rotterdam. Locals can buy fresh dairy every day. The raw material used in the Floating farm consists of residues from Rotterdam. This is a win-win for humans and animals.

No, the cows don’t get seasick. Look for yourself in the Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) area in Rotterdam West.

37. Netherlands’ longest shopping street

The Nieuwe Binnenweg is officially the longest shopping street in the Netherlands. Want to taste the atmosphere of a typical Rotterdam street? Then head to the Nieuwe Binnenweg. No big brands but local shops, bars, restaurants and vintage boutiques. Go to Eendrachtsplein, cross the street, and there the fun begins.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and drinks are more affordable than in the city centre. But still of good quality. There’s also exciting nightlife with Bar3 for alternative music and pop stage Rotown. Maybe you will have the longest day of your life on this 2 kilometres shopping street. Have fun.

38. Have a walk in the statue park

This creative park, AVL Mundo, from artist Joep van Lieshout, shows new sculptures every year. Not just everyday art, but extraordinary sculptures. It’s free to visit.

Next to the statue park, you can see more modern art at the Brutus Art Playground. This creative spot displays art from international artists next to exhibitions of new artistic talent.

39. Two Kilometres Railway Arches

The typical Hofbogen Viaduct is immediately recognizable by the arches and rails draped over it. This railway was once the connection between Scheveningen and Rotterdam. The Hofbogen has been registered as a National Monument since 2002.

Arches Rotterdam Hofbogen

Nowadays, you can check out art galleries and vintage shops there. Creative concepts like BIRD, Clone Records and FG Food Labs house under the arches. On the roof, the new garden is almost finished. See if you like it here.

40. You can’t visit the Netherlands without visiting a windmill

The Ster and Lelie are two typical old Dutch mills. You can enter them for free and find them just outside the centre in the district of Kralingen. Free to enter, although a small donation for maintenance is welcome.

These mills are still in service. They produce snuff and spice. Regulations have forbidden the sale of snuff, but you can still see how it is produced. The self-produced spices are still for sale. The mills can be found on Plaszoom street, next to the Kralingse Plas.

41. If you are strolling through the streets of Rotterdam

Walking is a perfect way to observe the beauty of any city. That’s not different in Rotterdam. Sculpture Route Westersingel leads you along 17 pieces of art from well-known artists.

Walk ahead when you leave Central Station at the front side. After 200 metres, you will enter the Westersingel. Send us a picture of the sculpture you like the most.

42. An Oasis of Nature in the Big City

The Eiland van Brienenoord is located in Rotterdam South. This island is a way to escape from the busy city. This nature reserve is an unexpectedly beautiful, peaceful, green piece of nature.

This Brienenoord island is not an artificial island. The nineteenth century saw the creation of Brienenoord Island. In the Maas, mud flats developed then and were soon covered in trees and vegetation. The island offers open water, a nature playground, lawns, a forest and even small swimming pools.

43. Some Train Stations are Boring

Rotterdam Centraal Station is an architectural highlight of the city. The rebuilt train station was opened in March 2014. You can take away lovely food, drinks, and coffee inside the station. You will notice that the toilets are clean, if necessary.

Most pictures you will shoot from the outside of the building. And if it’s raining, you can visit MiniWorld Rotterdam. The miniature version of the train station was already built before the real version was finished. It’s only a 4-minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station.

44. The only City in The Netherlands with a Skyline

Every major city in the world has a fantastic skyline. The Rotterdam Skyline is still growing. With the White House, we even had the first skyscraper in Europe in 1898. Now, Rotterdam has around 30 buildings visible in the Skyline. 15 more high buildings are in development.

We will mention a few places where you can see the skyline. First, the Euromast, here you have a 360 view over Rotterdam. The second one is very spectacular. You need a car for this. Driving over the A13 highway towards Rotterdam, in the turn on junction Kleinpolderplein to the A20, you have an impressive 10 seconds view of the Rotterdam Skyline. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

In the 2 other places we mention, you’ll have a lot more time to enjoy the view over the city. From the north side of the Kralingse Plas and the Island of Brienenoord, you also have a good overview of all the high buildings in Rotterdam.

And, of course, you can shoot astonishing skyline pictures during a boat tour. The Spido boat tour company has 3 cruises where you can see the skyline from different viewpoints. Under the Erasmus bridge, at Willemsplein, the Spido ships are waiting for you.

Skyline seen from Depot Rotterdam
This photo was taken on 8-1-2023 from the roof of Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot

45. Do you like to see the History and Heritage of Rotterdam?

Museum Rotterdam should be on your list of places you visit. The exhibition about the bombing of Rotterdam in WWII will make you understand why the people are so proud of their city. After your visit, you will know the complete story. How was Rotterdam before the war? What was left after the bombings? And why do the people in Rotterdam have the saying, in Dutch, ‘Niet Lullen maar Poetsen‘?

The collection of the museum is over 100.000 pieces of Rotterdam heritage. Unfortunately, during the corona pandemic, 1 location had to close. We are optimistic about the opening of a new location. In the meanwhile, you can browse the collection online here. It’s in Dutch, more lessons are here to come.

Panoramic drawing of Rotterdam Netherlands, 1740-1780
Panoramic drawing of Rotterdam. Commissioned by the municipality for a City Map. Probably made between 1740 and 1780, Rotterdam City Archives.

46. How many Nationalities can you count in Rotterdam?

In the Wereldmuseum, cultures from around the world and Rotterdam come together. The people of Rotterdam collect over 83.000 objects in the museum. Our city shows that it is possible to live with many people from all backgrounds.

The Wereldmuseum is located next to the Veerhaven and the river Nieuwe Maas. Before you go, I will answer my question; 172 nationalities. Happy counting.

Photo December 2022. The picture was taken on a rainy day. The Wereldmuseum is housed in a historical building. The museum is located near Veerhaven.

47. The most Historical area in Rotterdam

The most preserved area in Rotterdam is Delfshaven. You can still find old buildings here. Sadly, the majority of the old property in Rotterdam was destroyed in WWII.

The Pilgrim Fathers Church is one of these buildings, built in 1417, and the city hall of Delfshaven was built in 1580 are a few we mention. Delfshaven is an exciting area to walk and breathe a bit of history.

48. Did you book a Beach Holiday?

Yes, Rotterdam even has three beaches where you can enjoy the sun. So, don’t forget your swimwear and sun cream. In the northwest of Rotterdam, you can go to Strand Nesselande. This recreational lake is where you can sunbathe, swim and even surf.

The next beach is in south Rotterdam. It’s not easy to find, but the reward is a lovely, quiet beach with a view over the Nieuwe Maas. This beach is located at Heijplaat, just past Waalhaven. People call it ‘Het verborgen strand’.

You must travel to the North Sea coast for the third and final beach. Here you can enjoy Rotterdam Beach. The beach is over 3 kilometres long and 250 metres wide. You can enjoy food and drinks at the beach houses. Please let us know which beach you have been to.

49. Today, the Children are in Control

Young kids also like to do fun things in Rotterdam. One of the top attractions in Rotterdam is Plaswijckpark. This park is divided into 3 areas. Children can release their energy in the play park. Ride a go-kart, build things, or get wet in the spray lane.

The animal park is a lot of fun. Kids can pet the animals and learn about some cool animals. When papa and mama are tired, you can picnic in the garden. You can even take your food. The kids shall be happy if you take them to the Plaswijckpark. And you will have 50 more pictures of your children.

Photo December 2022. Plaswijckpark is open in the winter. The pedal boat swans are not used now. They are resting around the Christmas tree. You can use them again in spring.

50. What Size is your Garden?

Our garden is 8 hectares, and we name it Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum. A private foundation now manages this garden. For years, this backyard was a resident’s hobby.

Our park has a vast collection of trees, perennials, bulbs and tubers. They all have a name. If you do not know the name of a plant or tree, you can always look at the nameplate.

51. The Coolest Neighbourhood

Assuming you stay in a hotel in the City centre, the Cool neighbourhood is where you will spend some time. It’s the city centre where you will find the most bars, restaurants and shops. Walk around and choose your favourite spots. Have fun.

The End

For now, this is the end of the list. We will add some bonus locations in the future.