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Hello, my name is Adwin.

Having served in the Royal Dutch Navy for over 12 years. Visited a lot of big cities, port cities mostly, I still say that Rotterdam is a lovely city, it’s clean, it’s safe, and it has a lot to offer.

Taxi Driver

Since a few years, I’m driving in this beautiful city and see new places which confirm my feeling. So please don’t expect a negative word in this city guide. I will also not be very positive. My goal with this website is to let you know as much as possible from Rotterdam so that you can decide for yourself if you bring us a visit.

Adwin, in a car and looking in the mirror.

The biggest port in Europe has a lot to offer. The whole area around this biggest port is fascinating. Did you know that Rotterdam has a beautiful beach? Hoek Van Holland is it named. We will tell you this and much more.

If you have any questions or you saw something that should be on the website, send me an email. adwin(@)rotterdamnetherlands(.com)

Rotterdam Netherlands

We will tell you everything you want, and you need to know about Rotterdam. But did you know the Rotterdam area is quite big and a part of the city is at the beach?

The metropolitan Rotterdam- The Hague is even bigger and more attractive. We will show you so many beautiful places that you cannot resist a visit to our lovely country, The Netherlands or as some will say Holland.


Picture of Jan Baker - Photographer

Jan Baker - Photographer

Jan is a creative student of media and communication at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Ever since he was a child, photography was his true passion. Capturing the beautiful moments of life through his lens allows him to combine work with pleasure. Jan particularly enjoys shooting city architecture, nature and landscape scenes, but likes to keep an open mind, constantly experimenting with different genres and improving his skills. You can have a look on his Instagram account to see his work.