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In this district, the North Sea Jazz takes place in Ahoy

District Charlois

This district in Rotterdam-Zuid has 70,000 inhabitants. Many workers live in this residential area. Like everywhere in Rotterdam, many cultures live here in a pleasant way, mixed. This district is not very touristy but worth a visit if you want to meet the local Rotterdammers.

In this district, there are several lovely parks and green areas. Park de Hey, Drechterweide, De Maasglorie, Dokhavenpark are smaller city parks. Next to Ahoy, The Zuiderpark is one of the largest green spaces in Rotterdam. Regularly activities or festivals are held here.

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Rotterdam Ahoy

Rotterdam Ahoy is a congress centre and an events hall. During an event, a maximum of 16.426 people can be indoors. Every year about 250 events are held. Many events return to Rotterdam every year for a very long time. The ABN AMRO World Tennis ATP-Tournament plays in Ahoy for 48 years. And the North Sea Jazz Festival has been playing in Rotterdam Ahoy since 2006.

They are working hard on an enormous expansion of Rotterdam Ahoy. There will be a congress centre with 35 halls and an auditorium with 2863 seats. According to the planning, this will be ready in September 2020. The next expansion of Ahoy is also already planned. In 2022 a hotel with 250 rooms will be opened.


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