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Windmill in District Delfshaven
This former port of Delft is a city district since 1886

District Delfshaven

This district is also called historic Delfshaven. In 1389 it was the port of Delft and since 1886 Delfshaven belongs to Rotterdam. There live 77,000 inhabitants. Across the district runs the Delfshavense Schie which culminated in the Nieuwe Maas.

The old authentic marina is perhaps the most beautiful place in Rotterdam. Here are buildings that are centuries old. When you walk around here, you imagine yourself centuries back. For example, you can see the Pelgrimvaderskerk, this building has certainly been there since 1417.

The Korenmolen has been standing next to the place where De Distilleerketel stood since 1986 until it burned down in 1899. Thanks to donations it was possible to rebuild the mill. The original mill was built in 1727.

In this district, there are several beautiful little city parks. You have Park 1943, the Heemraadspark and Branco van Dantzigpark.

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Sparta Rotterdam

In this district, you have the soccer stadium Het Kasteel. Sparta Rotterdam plays his home games here since 1916. Sparta was founded in 1888 and is the oldest professional football club in the Netherlands. They became six times national champion of the Netherlands in the highest division.


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