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AIR Rotterdam

AIR Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the great cities in the world when it comes to architecture. A few pre-war buildings with modern structures form an intriguing image for residents and visitors. In 1982, the Rotterdam Architecture Institute organized the first design event where several architects, including foreign architects, exhibited. In the following years, more of these activities are held and grow into a household name. An essential partner in this was the Rotterdamse Kunststichting (Rotterdam Art Foundation), which was partly taken over by the Rotterdam Council for Art & Culture in 2005 and, on the other hand, by the municipality’s Art & Culture department. Twenty years after the first public activity, the plan emerges to deepen the view of Rotterdam’s residents on the city. During debates and other public events on the spatial planning of the town, the people of Rotterdam can express their thought.

Architecture Institute Rotterdam

The institute creates public conversations about what the city looks like and what can become of it. They all take place regularly. Among other things, this results in annual events, but also organisations that work to bring various aspects of urbanism to light. Among other things, the centre organises workshops, meetings for experts and lectures together with the Creative Industry Incentive Fund. The City of Rotterdam also supports the institution. It is an interaction; AIR advises the municipality and the municipality provides support with subsidies.

What does AIR, Architecture Institute Rotterdam doing

The institute takes various initiatives to maintain a high-quality atmosphere for architects, clients and other entrepreneurs in that sector. One of these initiatives is the Van der Leeuw Circle. It was founded in 2015 and built a bridge between the laws governing construction and the missions carried out in the city. These two partners also give substance to the annual Stadsmakerscongres.

The month of June has been declared architecture month in the program of the institute. The first architecture month was in 2016. Then both experts and interested parties come together throughout the month around the chosen theme. The institute itself has no exhibition space so that the activities will take place outside the building. Due to the measures due to the Coronavirus, the Rotterdam Architecture month 2020 will NOT take place.

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