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Costal Lightning Museum

Costal Lightning Museum

The Coastal Lighting Museum in Hoek van Holland is in the lighthouse which was built in 1893. The architect, A.C. van Loon, has the designs of several lighthouses to his name. These were standard made from a round cast iron construction. The round cast iron was later abandoned after more effective shapes were discovered. The lighthouse in Hoek van Holland is one of the last to be built in this form.

Coastal lighting is essential to guide ships safely to the coast in the dark. Hoek of Holland has other lights set up for this purpose. Eventually, the tower was no longer useful. Due to the construction of the Maasvlakte in the area, the tower was too far away from the port. The light went out definitively in 1974. The foundation of the museum is thanks to René Vas, then a teenager. When the tower was no longer in use, he proposed to turn it into a monument. This finally happened in 1983.

Costal Lightning Museum Hoek van Holland

Coastal lighting has undergone various developments over the years. For example, the type of lamps and ways of light is changed to work as effectively as possible. Visitors can find out how this all went and what types of coastal lighting there are on the various floors of the museum.

With its reddish-brown colour, this tower gives a classic look back into the past. There are six floors and more than a hundred steps. The permanent exhibition tells about the history, the people who worked there and the materials that were used.

Six Floors Coastal Lighting Museum Hoek of Holland

The six-storey exhibition space provides a remarkably comprehensive account of the past of lighthouses. Model towers and the various lamps are also on display. Each floor tells a different part of the story. And with each object, there is a sign with an explanation. There are pictures, maps and texts on which typical concepts are explained in more detail.

The visitor has an excellent view over Hoek of Holland from the top floor, which is also the narrowest room. In the building, you can see different optics and systems with which the light is directed. The first optic of the museum can still be seen on the top floor. Visitors get a perfect idea of the different employees’ roles and how they work.

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Opening Hours

Open from May
to September
First Sunday of the month
Third Sunday of the month
By appointment


070 391 2448
Willem van Houtenstraat 102, 3151 AC Hoek van Holland

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