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Feyenoord museum

Feyenoord museum

Feyenoord Rotterdam was founded in 1908 and is playing in Rotterdam-Zuid ever since. From 1937 onwards, the club played in the most beautiful stadium in the Netherlands; De Kuip. Feyenoord won the first Dutch championship in 1924 and the first national title in De Kuip in 1938. Players such as Willem van Hanegem, Rinus Israel, Wim Jansen and Ove Kindvall were very important in 1970 when Feyenoord won the Europacup I. In the same year, the World Cup for club teams were also won, which made Feyenoord the first Dutch club to win both prizes.

The football club Feyenoord have won the UEFA Cup twice, the European Cup I once, the World Cup for Club Teams 13 times, and the KNVB Cup 15 times. To this day, Feyenoord is the last club in the Netherlands to achieve European success.

Feyenoord Museum

Various objects in the Feyenoord Museum will remind you of the Feyenoord history. The prizes won can, of course, be seen there, but also football boots, shirts and other unique objects with a story can be admired. For the Feyenoord fans, it is a must to go here, and the other football fans will also understand better why Feyenoord has such a loyal following when they have seen the museum.

Visiting the museum is always part of a guided tour in De Kuip because the stadium is a museum in itself. During the tour you walk through the stadium, you come through the players’ tunnel and look into the dressing room of the Feyenoord players. The tour is always led by a guide who can tell you a lot or answer your questions.

Visit the Feyenoord Museum on a matchday

For a home game, it is also possible to do a tour in De Kuip. This tour starts 3,5 hours before the match, and because you are obliged to buy a match ticket, you can enjoy a home game of Feyenoord after the tour.


Opening Hours

Only with Feyenoord
stadion tour
starts at:


Starting p.p.
€ 11,00
010 492 9455
Van Zandvlietplein 1, 3077 AA Rotterdam

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