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Fort 1881

Fort 1881

As one of the most powerful countries in the world, you need good defence in times of war. That was Fort 1881 during the two world wars. The Fort was built in 1881 for the protection of the Nieuwe Waterweg. With six cannons and three turrets, it was the most modern Fort on the European continent. In 1940, the only ministerial meeting outside The Hague was in the Fort.

There is a series of important events linked to this defensive field. Ironically, or fortunately, none of these events has become a battle. In quieter times, the Royal Netherlands Navy kept stuff in the building. In 1987, the Fort aan den Hoek van Holland Foundation held an exhibition there about the region before and after the war. That exhibition marked the beginning of the Fort’s life as a museum. First as a Dutch Coastal Defense Museum, but from 2014 under the name Fort 1881.

Fort 1881 Hoek van Holland

Fort 1881 Hoek van Holland had all the equipment needed to fight. However, it never made it this far. The unique storylines of the museum tell, among other things, what did happen to prevent the fighting. Not only the stories but the whole construction of the museum appeal to the imagination of both adults and children.

Through the various corridors, sleeping quarters, meeting rooms and storerooms, you get an idea of the life of the soldiers of the fort. They recount events in 1940; the German occupation and the AtlantikWall, the construction of the fort and the surroundings where the fort is located.

More than a museum

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, the fort is also suitable for events. The facilities are incredibly ideal for a wedding. Beautiful halls for the reception or in the open air, but above all the best places for the most beautiful snapshots. Adults can party there, experience wonderful stories during a guided tour, but the children can also indulge themselves. There are various activities for children, including a special treasure hunt. In it, they learn how to defend a country while playing.

There is an entertainment programme for every kind of visitor. A fun game program has been put together for teams looking for teambuilding. This teambuilding is entirely in the spirit of military tactics and also in the various workspaces that support these tactics.

Discover the surroundings of Fort 1881

Many tourists come to Hook of Holland mainly to enjoy the sun on the beautiful beaches.


Opening Hours



€ 7,50
Children 4 to 12 years
€ 5,00
Children to 4 years
Stationsweg 80-82, 3151 HS Hoek van Holland

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