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Fort Bunker Bremen

Fort Bunker Bremen

Bunker Bremen houses the permanent exhibition of the Foundation Fort Aan Den Hoek Van Holland. The foundation’s building stands behind the Dutch Military Coastal Defense Museum. The history of the coastal defence of Hoek of Holland begins with the construction of the Nieuwe Waterweg. This connection between Rotterdam and the sea is the most important connection with the rest of Europe. Bunker Bremen was build as part of the construction of the armoured fortresses along the coast. Bremen is a German name, which the bunker was given as a storage place for military ammunition during WW II, during the construction of the Atlantic Wall.

Fort Bunker Bremen in Hoek van Holland

The permanent exhibition is divided into traces of various wars in which the Fort was necessary for defence. It also tells which roles the Fort fulfilled and in which period. The trails were formed during World War I, World War II, Atlantic Wall and the Cold War.

The bunker serves as a basis for various projects, such as educational projects and information sessions. The foundation regularly holds temporary exhibitions in the bunker. Visitors can also take a guided tour through the Vinetaduin, the location of the bunker.

During World War I the fort did not have to be used, because the Netherlands did not interfere with the fighting. World War II, on the other hand, was a different time. The Netherlands was invaded and occupied by the Germans. At the beginning of WWII, there was heavy fighting on the coast of Hoek of Holland. During this war, Germany builds the Atlantic Wall. Hoek van Holland was part of it and got the name ‘Festung Hoek van Holland’. It was one of the most heavily armed defences of the occupiers. During the Cold War, there was a radio station in bunker Bremen. Due to the ageing of the equipment, it was soon closed.

Nearby Fort Bunker Bremen in Hoek van Holland

From the Bunker, you can almost walk straight onto the beach and have something to eat or drink at one of the cosy beach clubs. There are more bunkers or areas in Hoek van Holland with museums about the war, Fort 1881 and the Atlantic Wall Museum. If you want to visit a lighter museum, you can go to the Keringhuis, a dam built as part of the Delta Works or to the Rockart Museum where you can relive the history of Dutch pop music.


Opening Hours

Visit time
1 Hour


€ 5,00
To 12 years
€ 2,50
0174 382 898
Strandweg 21, 3151 HV Hoek van Holland

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