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The Laurenskerk stands in the centre of Rotterdam, near the World Trade Center, the Market Hall and the Koopgoot. On a day out in Rotterdam, you can hardly miss this Gothic church. The construction of this church from the Middle Ages started in the middle of the fifteenth century. Throughout the centuries, there have been several renovations and adjustments. The bombing in 1940, damaged the church severely and it took 28 years to restore. The church is open for visitors, except on Sundays, when there is the weekly church service of the Reformed congregation.

Grote or Sint Laurenskerk

Most people call the church Laurenskerk and not Sint or Grote. The visitors of this church can see the giant bronze entrance door, designed by an Italian artist with the theme “War and Peace”. Inside the church, you can see the largest church organ of the Netherlands and also the baptismal font of Hans Petri is worth seeing. The church has a rich history. When you buy not only an entrance ticket but also the storybook, you will discover more than eighty stories about the history of the Laurenskerk and Rotterdam.

At sixty-five metres, the tower of the church is no longer the highest point in the city of Rotterdam. Nevertheless, the view over the city from the church tower remains an extraordinary experience. During the summer season, from March to November, you can climb the tower with a guide. Some fitness is required because it’s a climb of three hundred steps that you also have to descend. Every Wednesday (14:00) and Saturday (12:00 and 13:30) there is the possibility to climb the church tower.

The Laurenskerk is also available as a beautiful location for dinner parties, congress, concert, fair and of course a wedding. Due to the many modern facilities, many events have taken place in the church for many years. These activities also ensure that the old church is well maintained.

More things to see in the Laurenskerk area

Because the church is in the city centre, you can go in all directions to discover Rotterdam after your visit. Museum Rotterdam is within walking distance, and the Markthal is almost next to the church.


Opening Hours

Church Service


12 years and older
€ 3,00
Entrance to 12 years
12 years and older & Story book
€ 4,00
Entrance to 12 years & Story book
Adult tower climbing
€ 6,00
Youth up to 18 years
€ 4,50
010 4116494
Grotekerkplein 27, 3011 GC, Rotterdam

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