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Miniworld Rotterdam

Miniworld Rotterdam

Miniworld is more than just Rotterdam in miniature. Many beautiful buildings and city streets are, of course, an essential part of this miniature world. And Europe’s largest indoor miniature harbour is also to be seen. Between the built-up miniature world, you can see our beautiful Dutch Landscapes, other cities and even our Dutch coast is in miniature. In the basement miniature, Great Britain is being built.

Miniworld Rotterdam

What quickly strikes you when you’re inside is the transition from day to night. After twenty-four minutes, the sun goes down every time, and the whole indoor miniature world is beautifully lit. Funny scenes only then become visible between the illuminated buildings and life comes to a standstill. Fortunately, the night doesn’t last very long, and when the day starts again, the 27,000 inhabitants come back to life, just like in the real city.

In the miniature world, there are more than two kilometres of rails for model trains and vehicles. Trains run to the stations where people can get in and out and then move on to the next destination. The new Rotterdam Central Station is very well built, and a metro line of the RET also runs through the city. Of course, the busses and trams can also be seen everywhere in the mini-city.

The history of Rotterdam is certainly not forgotten; a number of critical pre-war buildings have been reconstructed in detail. Rotterdam Centre shows alternating old and new architecture.

If you’ve already been to Futureland, you know what the Maasvlakte looks like in real life. The mini Maasvlakte, Botlek and Europoort take up approximately 100m2, with the ports, container cranes, terminals, petrochemical factories and much more recreated in detail. When you know that the construction of a miniature crane alone takes about four months, you realize how much work there is in Miniworld.

Mini World Great Britain

Since 2014 the construction of miniature Britain is already in progress. In the basement, they are working on the 190m2 England, Scotland and Wales. During the development, the space is just open so people can see how far they are already advanced. When will it be finished, is a frequently asked question. Almost no use is made of existing building kits, so it takes a lot of time to rebuild everything in detail.

In the vicinity of Miniworld

Rotterdam Central Station is three hundred and fifty meters away. Hence, it’s already fun to see how the real size station looks like.if You probably visit Miniworld with kids, so we will not advise you to go to Holland Casino Rotterdam; it’s close by, opposite Central Station. The Mad Mick’s Breakaway Cafe is probably a much better alternative to visit after Miniworld. Breakaway, as the people from Rotterdam call it, has existed since 1993 and is known for its delicious American burgers. If you step inside, you will relive the fifties and sixties in America. If you like to play pool then you can also go here, upstairs there are six beautiful large pool tables.


Opening Hours

School holiday daily
25 december
01 january


€ 12,95
Child 3 to 12 years
€ 9,25
4x Adults
€ 46,62
2x Adults + 2x Child
€ 39,96
010 240 0501
Weena 745, 3013 AL Rotterdam

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