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Museo De Ceramice Pablo Rueda Lara

Pablo Rueda Lara Museum

Museo De Ceramice Pablo Rueda Lara

Pablo Rueda Lara was born in a small village in Andalusia, Spain. It soon became apparent that he had an innate talent for creativity. After some studies, Pablo ended up in Madrid, where he achieved some small successes and left for the Netherlands in 1969. In Rotterdam, he graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in 1976.

Pablo Rueda Lara

The people in Spain gave Pablo the nickname ‘clay wizard’. Unfortunately, he died too early in 1993. Since then, a school in his native village is named after Pablo Rueda Lara. And two biographies about Pablo have been written in leading Spanish magazines. In 2017 a Dutch book was published about the life of Pablo.

After his training in Rotterdam, Pablo also made his international breakthrough. He held exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and even America. Although he is best known for his ceramic works of art, he also made objects with, for example, cardboard, textiles, leather, wood and bronze. Even though Pablo has been dead for more than 25 years now, people still are interested in his works. The exhibitions are still very popular, even after all these years. The Pablo Rueda Lara Foundation organizes exhibitions, and they also catalyze Pablo’s ceramic pieces. There are already four hundred and thirty-two pieces registered at museums, foundations and private individuals. Pablo Rueda Lara has made more than six hundred ceramic works of art.

In 2020, the Museum was open on all Sundays in January and February. Unfortunately, due to the corona measures, it is currently not open to the public. Nevertheless, the Museum can still be visited six days a week by appointment.

Things you can do in the area of the Pablo Rueda Lara Museum

In the historic Delfshaven, there is plenty to see if you like old buildings. Luckily there are still buildings here that survived the Second World War. The birthplace of Piet Hein is in Delfshaven. In the same street as the museum is the Pilgrim’s Church from 1417, a little further on is the Pinball Museum and at the end of the road is the windmill Distileerketel which refers to the Dutch gin, Jenever, industry.


Opening Hours

On appointment


010 476 0283
Aelbrechtskolk 10, 3024 RE Rotterdam

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