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Museum Oud Overschie

Museum Oud Overschie

The Museum Oud Overschie takes visitors back to the beginning of the thirteenth century. A journey back in time, from the countryside to knights and from Spaniards to German occupiers. All developments after the Second World War to modern developments can also be found in this museum. A journey to savour.

From the thirteenth century onwards, they built several castles and defensible houses made of stone. A feud between various nobles in 1350 led to a fierce battle. This fight was fought at the expense of ordinary people. This battle between the Hoeken and the Kabeljauwen lasted for one hundred and fifty years.

The rise of cities made it difficult for the nobility to retain their power. The position, disputes about the regions and other interests took care of the various camps. Overschie suffered heavily during the Jonker Fransen War, in the final phase of the battle because it was almost completely razed to the ground in 1489. On 6 March 1489, on the Hoornweg, a real action took place between knights and soldiers from what was then Hoekse Rotterdam and Kabeljauwse Delft. On request, the Museum Rotterdam is showing a film about the Jonker Fransen War.

Museum Oud Overschie

The museum also tells stories about the history of the houses from the Middle Ages. In that time, houses were constructed in a way, that in case of relocation could be taken as a whole. Towards the end of the fifteenth century, we see the transformation from wood to brick for Overschie in the housing construction.

During the Eighty Years’ War with Spain Overschie was also part of the battle. The war lasted from 1568 to 1648, during which Overschie was fought between the Spanish troops and the Watergeuzen.

The year 1572 marks a black page for Overschie; the Spaniards plundered the area and partially reduced it to ashes. The cities of Delft and Rotterdam came to the rescue by strengthening Overschie by building a ramp.  The Schansweg on the Rotterdam Schie owes its name to this.

During the Golden Age (1600 – 1675) Overschie also noticed a slight increase in prosperity, as the population increased and the number of stone houses almost doubled. In the museum, you can see that a large part of the community still lacked an increase in prosperity.

In the museum Oud Overschie

The rich history of Overschie is impressively illustrated by no less than 20,000 photographs and slides, 300 paintings, drawings and prints. The museum also has six thousand historical objects at its disposal.  Furthermore, there are regular exhibitions in the exhibition space of the museum; ‘De Melkfabriek’. In the Museum Oud Overschie, there is much more to experience, and it is therefore highly recommended.


Opening Hours

Other days
Appointment only


Sunday 14:00-17:00
On appointment
€ 3,00
On appointment with tour guide p.p.
€ 3,00
010 546 2454
Overschiese Dorpsstraat 136, 3034 CV Rotterdam

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