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Museum Stoomdepot

Stoom depot Museum

Museum Stoomdepot

The enthusiast of steam locomotives is at Museum Stoomdepot on the right platform. The museum has a workshop and outdoor area where visitors can ride along on tour. The location is also available for weddings, events and parties. The grounds are also suitable for advertising shoots. At company parties, it is even possible to rent outdoors. The Museum Stoomdepot is also a spot for smaller groups or a pleasant drink with the staff.

Museum Stoomdepot

Visitors can be guided around to learn about the history of the Stichting Stoomtrein Nederland and to become acquainted with the river trains. For a guided tour it is good to know that these are only possible on Saturdays for a very modest fee. Steam trains are classic, and since 1998 the SSN has had a shed specially designed to house the collection. The shed has constructed tracks where you can see five steam trains and a few inspection pits.

Here, visitors can view the classic trains at their leisure and observe everything that gets the trains moving. The museum has coal and tools needed to keep the locomotives moving. The train park consists of five large steam locomotives, two small steam trains, three first-class and five second-class carriages. The museum also has a dining car at its disposal.

In addition to an exhibition space, the Museum Depot also has a shop where you can buy beautiful souvenirs of which the organization can maintain the collection and everything that goes with it. Children will get their money’s worth when they see the model railway.

The locomotives and cars are maintained expertly. Every day, the staff work with various tools to keep the classic trains in good condition. Visitors see a wide range of devices, including welding equipment and a compressor, in the workshop and healthy activity of the staff present. A bunker outside serves as a storage depot for coal, among other things.

The museum has a platform decorated traditionally. The way it looks brings back nostalgic memories to the elderly and gives young people a glimpse into the past.


Opening Hours



€ 3,00
Child 4 to 13
€ 2,00
Child to 4
010 282 9282
Rolf Hartkoornweg 50, 3034 KL Rotterdam

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