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RockArt Museum

RockArt Museum

(Pop) music is something that connects people all over the world. Each country has its pop icons, to which specific symbols are attached. Museum RockArt has everything about Dutch pop music. The museum opened the doors in 2005. The collection dates back to the 1950s. Although the most significant attention is for rock music and rock legends, there are also other music genres. For example, Dutch protest songs, jazz and Indorock also feature in the collection. Visitors to the museum get to see and hear an extensive collection of memorabilia by Dutch and international musicians.

RockArt Museum in Hoek van Holland

In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also organises thematic exhibitions. For example, they are about a particular artist, a period in the music world or about a specific genre. Shows are not limited to the museum alone. Also, at other places in the country, visitors can view the museum’s collection during exhibitions.

Visitors will be able to see and hear CDs and DVDs, as well as items such as clothing and musical instruments. Unique in the collection are the collections of radio stations that had to stop their broadcasts. Every year on 31 August an essential part of the cultural heritage; namely the Sea Station Radio Veronica, the Sea Transmission Day is held in honour of that radio station with lots of music and beautiful stories. Radio stations broadcasting off the coast were no longer allowed to do so because of the adoption of the law on piracy.

Inside the RockArt Museum

The exhibitions are from the most diverse collections of music bands that have created a furore in the past. Names like the Golden Earring, Elvis Presley, Nederpop formations and Herman Brood are part of it. The permanent collection offers an inexhaustible range of themes for short-term exhibitions. These exhibitions are sometimes together with a sales day where enthusiasts can collect fun stuff. In addition to music, various souvenirs are also for sale.

Part of the Dutch music experience is the Eurovision Song Contest. A lot of information is available in the museum. In the run-up to the festival sometimes a long-term exhibition is opened. This exhibition can be about the birthday or death date from a star or an important event. Even there can be radio broadcast from the museum. And also music performances and recordings are part of these special events.

In the Rock Art shop, music lovers can indulge themselves in the music collection. There are vinyl records for sale, as well as original or second-hand CDs and DVDs. From time to time, there are fun actions to find.


Opening Hours

First Sunday of the month


€ 7,50
0174 384 103
Zekkenstraat 42 3151 XP Hoek van Holland

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