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Rotterdam Transport Museum

Rotterdam Transport Museum

The association was founded in 1997 to bring together various historical transport collections into one collection. Currently, the joint collection consists of more than sixty trams, twenty buses and an underground metro dating from 1967. The regional public transport company RET owns most of the collection. Another part of the vehicles is in private hands. The Hillegersberg depot houses the trams, a bus and an underground unit. The public transport museum has an exciting collection of books you can buy; some of the books not only deal with history but also with the technology behind the vehicles. Conveniently, the books you can als0 buy online. There is also a small repair shop. Since 2010 the Rotterdam public transport museum is housed in the monumental tram depot Hillegersberg from 1923. Unfortunately, some buses, parked in a RET bus depot, are not accessible to the public.

Rotterdam Transportation Museum

Besides watching and observing, the museum also offers rental possibilities. There are several trams available, and people can rent these for a nice sightseeing trip through Rotterdam. Various classic trams are available for a fun day out. There is a choice from no less than seven special vintage trams. Those who have a penchant for really old can choose the version from 1905, the 2 ASSER/2 RAMER, the most former tram in the collection. This so-called two-axle or two-room tram is the very first electric tram that Rotterdam has known. With a capacity of twenty-two persons and expansion possibilities, with an extra wagon, it offers a solution for those who want to plan a group activity. The museum is always looking for volunteers to restore trams and busses. During a visit, people get the opportunity to look at the current restorations of trams and buses that are in progress.

Rotterdam Transport Museum during corona measures

The RoMeO Foundation has had to take a number of measures to guarantee the safety of visitors. One of those decisions is that the Citytour Line 10 will not run for the time being. The organisation wants to comply with the 1.5-meter rules. Another change is that the museum starts using a booking system for visitors. Under specific conditions and stricter regulations, journeys will be made using the classic trams and buses that the public usually expects when visiting the museum.


In the summer, a historical tram will ride through the city along a lot of beautiful places in the centre, the Old West and Delfshaven. In 2020 the tram will not be doing tours because of the Corona restrictions.


Opening Hours

Closed due to
Corona restrictions


No tickets
Kootsekade 19, 3051 PC Rotterdam

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