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Rotterdams Radio Museum

Old Radio Museum Name Plate

Rotterdams Radio Museum

You can go back in time to look at old radios, televisions and computers in the Rotterdams Radio Museum. This museum was founded in 1998 and held exhibitions for the public. Another goal is to preserve a large variety of equipment. Together with enthusiastic volunteers, the various exciting devices are restored and presented to the public. The museum regularly receives new appliances and equipment, which, when found to be good, complement the existing collection. The building in the photo is the former building of the Rotterdam Radio Museum. Because it was outdated, the museum moved to the other side of the street in the Radio Correct building.

Rotterdams Radio Museum

Mr Harry de Jong sr. is the founder of the Rotterdam Radio Museum.  The former director of Correct had an eye for technology and considered it essential that interested parties could continue to follow the development of equipment. The equipment, including transmitters and receivers, requires a lot of maintenance and the team of volunteers is working on restorations almost every day. The collection consists of more than two thousand pieces of equipment, mainly radios and televisions, for many hobbyists and other interested people a dependable source of inspiration and nostalgia. As the name suggests, the radios from the last century are not missing from the museum. You will find models up to more than 100 years old.

Audio and Video equipment of the past

In a particular part of the museum, you will find an extensive collection about the history of television and video. Black and white televisions and the first video recorders attract attention, but you can also admire old video cameras. What today is stored on a memory card was recorded on tapes for 10 to 20 years in various types. Rewinding’ was a standard term. In between, the Rotterdam Radio Museum also shows old television programs. The former director of Correct provided a reasonable basis for audio equipment in the museum. Record players and cassette recorders are therefore not lacking. The revolutionary CD players also show off in the museum.

The beginning of the computer era, the old personal computers, you will find to a large extent, because different brands and versions are presented. You can take a look at the various computer games, which the current generation may never have known.

Even marine electronics are not lacking. You soon feel like the captain on a ship with radio transmitters and receivers, but also through the various radar and navigation systems.

The museum likes to give guided tours to schools. Pupils can even undertake a treasure hunt. Besides, there are possibilities for groups larger than ten people to make an appointment for a visit. The museum also has a library where you can find a range of information and literature.

The Collections

  • Radio and Sound Carriers
  • Television and Video
  • Computers and Telecom
  • Maritime and Transmission Technology
  • HiFi en High-End Stereo

What else can you do near the Rotterdam Radio Museum?

Not far from the Radio Museum is the Railway Museum StoomDepot where you can see how the train has developed in a real train station. This is a fascinating museum if you have just witnessed the development of audio and video equipment in the Radio Museum.


Opening Hours

Groups 10+
Daily on appointment


010 461 8585
Ceintuurbaan 111, 3051 KA Rotterdam

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