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Scouting Museum De Ducdalf

Scouting Museum De Ducdalf

If you want to know more about the development of the Padvinderij you can visit the Scouting Museum at the Heemraadsingel in Rotterdam. This museum not only preserves the history of the Boy Scouting but also of contemporary Scouting. Visitors can take a look to see what the scouts had to work within the old days and even, the various beautiful uniforms. The museum is not only for people from the Scouting world but also for people who have never been in the Scouting get a good picture of the scouting life. Archive material and tools used to give a good idea about the scouting history. Scouting originated in the Netherlands after a group of British scouts arrived in the Netherlands, in the early years of the last century, who, upon arrival in Rotterdam, continued on their bikes to various places. The museum gives a good overview of the scouting groups that Rotterdam has known.

Scouting Museum De Ducdalf

You will also find a library with more than 1500 books and Scouting periodicals in the museum. Luckily, in addition to a lot of reading material, there are also film recordings of the Boy Scout so that you can take the piece of history to you through moving images. In this way, you will witness the many Jamborees in which different generations have participated. A whole administration and collection of these highlights from Boy Scouting can be found here. What is not lacking is the reproduction of the atmosphere of the pre-war situation in the Netherlands. Also exciting is the role of the scouts in the very beginning after the liberation, the Padvinderspostdienst delivered the mail in the Netherlands as the PTT was not yet operational.

Visitors will also find out more about the use of scouts to support the flood disaster.

In the museum, there’s useful data available from most Scouting groups that exist and have existed in Rotterdam. You will also find information about the founder of scouting, whose aim was to contribute to the education of young people.

A piece that stands out in the Scouting Museum de Ducdalf is a canvas made by female scouts in an internment camp of the Japanese occupiers. These women secretly set up a group of scouts where they made this canvas. This historical piece is one of the unique items in the museum.

The current situation of Scouting Museum The Ducdalf

The museum was closed for unknown reason before the Corona outbreak. It’s not sure when the museum will open its doors again for those interested in Boy Scouting.


Opening Hours

Temporarily closed
010 425 6099
Heemraadsingel 129, 3022 CD Rotterdam

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