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Telephone Museum

Telephone Museum

The Stichting Telefoniemuseum Nederland was founded in 2013 by Robert Wessels and Remco Enthoven to preserve telecommunications heritage for the future. The foundation supports Dutch collectors, and develop teaching materials.

Telephone Museum Rotterdam

The telephony museum has been located in Rotterdam, IJsselmonde district, since 2016. The collection includes old and new telephones, telephone exchanges, peripherals, public telephone exchanges and test tools. The Stichting Telefoniemuseum Nederland finds it essential that the equipment in the museum is still functioning. In this way, they can show interested parties how the technology used to be and worked, and the earliest material comes from the early 1900s.

If you see old telephone equipment in movies, chances are it’s from the telephony museum. Telephones and switchboards are regularly rented out for recording purposes. Also, in this way, the museum shows old telecom equipment to the public.

People who still have old equipment at home may be able to offer this to the Telephony Museum because there are still plenty of telephones and exchanges that are not yet part of the collection.

Visit the Telephony Museum in Rotterdam

The museum is in a private house, and you have to make an appointment if you want to see the telephone equipment. You can send an e-mail with a request to make an appointment.


Opening Hours

Appointment only


Free entrance
010 432 8181
Private House museum in Rotterdam Lombardijen

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