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Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum

Trompenburg started as a hobby for gardening and the interest in beautiful trees. A few generations of the Smith family started building the gardens, probably because they wanted a beautiful garden. Later on, garden architects were also employed to make the backyards bigger and more attractive. An Arboretum is a collection of trees and shrubs. The growth is taken into account; they are given sufficient living space. From the moment Van Hoey Smith takes over the management, a real Arboretum is developed. The passion was enormous and even grew to international recognition in 1983.

Trompenburg Gardens and Arboretum

The name Trompenburg was the name of a house on the estate. This house has now been demolished. In 1958 the management of the Gardens and Arboretum was transferred to the Trompenburg Arboretum Foundation. Since then the park has also been open to the public. The excellent control and the interest of the people ensure that the park continues to grow considerably. In 1960, Trompenburg extended with two more gardens. In the nineties, a beautiful pavilion was erected in the park and in 2000 another garden opened. In 2008 the foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary, and Trompenburg celebrates its 150th anniversary.

The collection of Trompenburg Gardens and Arboretum

  • Rhododendrons are beautiful plants, and the park has more than seven hundred
  • Cacti and succulents in a greenhouse
  • Oak, you know, there are five hundred different species
  • Hostas are shade plants
  • Beech
  • Maple, willow
  • Conifers
  • And much more

Luckily there are nameplates in many places. They are not always easy to find or see, and therefore a guided tour of Trompenburg gardens and arboretum is very interesting. The people who do the tour mainly because of their passion and can tell a lot about the trees, plants and history of Trompenburg. Keep in mind that they may not know all the names by heart.

In tea house De Uithoek you can enjoy a premium coffee or an organic tea. And when you are hungry, you can order a sweet soup, sandwich or pancake.


Opening Hours



€ 9,75
Children 5 to 12 years including scavenger hunt
€ 1,00
Children to 5 years
€ 5,50
010 233 0166
Honingerdijk 86 3062 NX Rotterdam

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