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Rotterdam Zoo

Rotterdam Zoo

Experiencing a metropolitan city doesn’t have to be exempt from the enjoyment of flora and fauna. The Diergaarde Blijdorp zoological garden attracts young and old from all over the world. This Rotterdam Zoo has been around for more than one hundred years and is thus among Europe’s earliest. Stichting Koninklijke Rotterdamse Dierengaarde is the official Dutch name for the animal and botanic garden, which translates into a ‘royal foundation’.

The zoo opened more than a hundred sixty years ago and was at the start only open for members and notable inhabitants. Just before they were moving the zoo to a new location, World War II bombings destroyed the zoo. At the end of 1940, the new site opened again.

Rotterdam Zoo

With this many years of experience, it is no wonder that the zoo is also one of the most beautiful in the area. There are animals from all around the world. Visitors don’t have to worry about rainy days. There are plenty of indoor spaces which resemble the animal’s habitat perfectly.

The mammals, reptiles, insects and other different species are living in ‘continents’. Taking a tour to see them feels like making a world tour. Amazonica is the home of exotic butterflies from South America, flowers, anacondas and the sharp-teethed piranha. In this sphere, you can undoubtedly experience tropical temperatures, just the way you would in the Amazon.

In Africa, Crocodile River has a path taking you past a group of crocodiles, leading up to stand face to face with magnificent giraffes. This area is also home to savannah residents, such as ostriches, hyenas and zebras. Gorilla Island is home to Bokito and his family, while forest giraffes share a Central African jungle-like space with different types of plants and birds that are native to their natural habitat.

Throughout Asia, you get to see elephants and an indoor tropical forest.

Oceanium, the roofed aquarium, offers a view into the world of many water inhabiting species. You get to see those that are in the depths of the sea, along coastal regions and marine life. Imagine seeing sharks, puffins, king penguins, jellyfish and sea lions! Read on to find out about how the Oceanium is saving energy. The zoo has a Green Key Gold quality mark.

Artica shows the Ice Cave and beautiful polar bears underwater.

Other animals include tigers, lions, rhinos and many more species.

Rotterdam Zoo is a durable zoo

In 2018 the Zoo reopened a newly renovated enclosure for a rare type of baboon from Ethiopia, called the Gelada baboons. They cannot be found in any other zoo in The Netherlands. The housing of this species is part of the conservation program. Diergaarde Blijdorp is not only a fun place to see animals but is also active in the preservation of nature and has many educational programs to support this noble and mandatory goal. Blijdorp is one of ten great zoos that prioritize the breeding of endangered animals. Furthermore, some places are providing electricity through solar panels. One of these places is the roof of the Oceanium. It holds one of The Netherland’s largest solar panel systems and generates energy up to the value of one hundred households. This is used to keep the penguins cool. Near Crocodile River, a wood oven fireplace is installed to warm the crocodiles. The smoke is filtered out of the air.

The preferred mode of transport to use by personnel is the electric car. On the premises, there are also five charging stations for electric vehicles, each containing two ports. The zoo stimulates the usage of electric cars by visitors.

The Zoo is easily reachable for wheelchair users. There are a limited number of wheelchairs available free of charge. Along the routes, there are benches for those that need a quick pause. Visitors that have children with them can also rent buggies.

Diergaarde Blijdorp offers several deals for different audiences. They have the perfect locations for parties, and also for business meetings. Schools get special educational tools; kids can be present when the animals are being fed, meet a keeper and also learn ways to protect the environment.

Besides educational programs and animal attractions, there are several restaurants, cafés and other eating places, including a pancake house.
A gift shop in the Oceanium, Sea of Zoovenirs, sells keepsakes as well as the Buffalo Shop elsewhere. The shop also sells useful things like lunch boxes and hats.

People that buy their tickets online don’t have to stand in line at the entrance and can get discounts.


Opening Hours



€ 24,50
Kids 3 to 13 years
€ 20,00
Kids to 3 years
Groups 15+
- € 1,00 p.p.
Groups 20+
- € 2,00 p.p.
0900 1857
Blijdorplaan 8, 3041 JG Rotterdam

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