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22 °
10 °
1.5 mm
Precip. Total
Sprinkles late. Cloudy. Warm.
22%    12km/h / E
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What is is about?

On this website, you can find information about the city Rotterdam and the metropolitan area Rotterdam – The Hague. This information is useful for tourists and also to English speaking people who come here to live or stay here for a longer period.

Do I have to pay for

The use of the website is free. Sometimes you can click on a link from an affiliate partner where you can buy a product or book a hotel/hostel/room. In some cases, we get a small percentage of this but without extra cost for you.

I have never been to Rotterdam, what should I see first?

We think that the Euromast is the first place you should go because you are able to oversee the complete city.

Can we support

yes, you can donate once an amount or do a monthly payment. (follows later)

Can we send in our own articles?

We love to receive articles from local people or from people who have visited something interesting. Send us an email and we explain what we need to get your article on our website.

Does work together with or is related to NBTC Holland Marketing or to the government?

No, this website works independently from local or nationwide working for government-related organisations and is also not related to NBTC Holland marketing who is subsidized by the government.