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An exclusive residential area

District Hillegersberg-Schiebroek

This district, with 45,000 inhabitants, is known as a better district. The average value of the houses here is a lot higher than in the rest of the city. A lot of real Rotterdammers live here who, despite their wealth, remain very ordinary people.

In the middle of this residential area lies the Bergse Voorplas and the Bergse Achterplas. The river Rotte runs along with the Bergse Plas. Besides beautiful houses, there are plenty of opportunities for recreation around this lake. There is a petting zoo, De Wilgenhof, and you have Familiepark Plaswijckpark, Marina Hillegersberg, the Prinsemolenpark and several cosy eating and drinking places.

Furthermore, in this district, you have a golf centre to improve your golf skills. You can go for a nice walk in the Melanchtonpark, the Wilgenplaspark, the Schiebroeksepark, the Molenpark and against the eastern part of the district lies the Lage Bergse Bos.

Public transportation

There are two metro stations in this district and metro line E. You have metro station Melanchthonweg and metro station Meijersplein. From Rotterdam The Hague Airport people take bus 33 to Meijersplein metro station. The metro runs in seven minutes to Rotterdam Central Station. On weekdays you can get a subway three times an hour to The Hague Central Station. In thirty minutes, you are in The Hague.

The tram runs three lines through the district. Line 8 ends on the Kleiweg. Tram line 25, has eight stops in this district and continues to the Larikslaan. The third, tram line 4 continues until the Molenlaan.

Tramlines 4 and 8 stop at train station Noord. You can take the train to Utrecht or Rotterdam Central Station.

Within walking distance there is a bus station everywhere.


  • Schiebroek
  • Hillegersberg-Zuid
  • Hillegersberg-Noord
  • Terbregge
  • Molenlaankwartier