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Since 1934 a city district of Rotterdam

District Hoogvliet

Since 1934 Hoogvliet has annexed to Rotterdam. More than 35,000 inhabitants live here. A large part of Hoogvliet lies along the Oude Maas. This river is about 30 kilometres long and used to be the mouth of the Maas. The northern part of this district lies against the A15 motorway.

Hoogvliet is not touristy. There is a small beautiful Arboretum which is worth seeing. Just because it is so tiny, it doesn’t attract many visitors. You could combine it with a visit to the Ruigplaatbos where Scottish Highlanders run loose in the wild.

There are also the Bonaire Park, the Oudelandsepark and the Oedevlietsepark where the locals like to walk.

Public transportation

There are three metro stations in Hoogvliet, and two metro lines run through this district. The lines C and D go via metro stations Zalmplaat Hoogvliet and Tussenwater in the direction of Pernis or Rotterdam-Zuid.

There is a bus station within walking distance throughout the district.

Neighbourhoods in Hoogvliet

  • Boomgaardshoek
  • Gadering
  • Meeuwenplaat
  • Middengebied
  • Nieuw Engeland
  • Oudeland
  • Tussenwater
  • Westpunt
  • Zalmplaat