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In this district you have the Feyenoord Stadium

District IJsselmonde

This district lies at the foot of the Brienenoord bridge, and the A16 motorway runs through it. More than 60,000 people of different origins live here and make it a cosy colourful neighbourhood. In IJsselmonde there are generally not that many tourists. 

The number of parks in the neighbourhood also lives up to Rotterdam’s name as a green city. You have the Bijenpark, the Spinozapark, Park de Twee Heuvels and many green areas scattered throughout the district.

Feyenoord Rotterdam

De Kuip ensures that tourists still come to this district. Feyenoord has been playing their home games here since 1937. The club was founded in 1908 and had an illustrious past. In 1970 Feyenoord was the first Dutch football club to win the European Cup 1 and a few months later the World Cup. In 1974, they were also the first Dutch club to win the UEFA Cup. There can be 51.000 spectators in the Kuip.

In Varkenoord, next to De Kuip, are the training and education facilities for the Feyenoord players. 

It is possible to get a tour through the football stadium De Kuip. Under the guidance of a guide, you will get to see the changing rooms of the players, walk through the player tunnel and see the Feyenoord museum.

Public transportation

Public transport this district is by tram or bus. Tramlines 2, 20 and 23 run through IJsselmonde. These lines all run to and from metro station Beurs. And from Beurs station, you can get on all five metro lines.


  • Groot-IJsselmonde
  • Oud-IJsselmonde
  • Beverwaard
  • Lombardijen