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The Erasmus University is located here

District Kralingen-Crooswijk

An exciting area of Rotterdam.Beautiful old houses, stunning green spaces, a pleasant recreational lake and cute local shops. Rivers the Rotte and the Boezem flow through it and the Erasmus University is here.

In this district live more than 55,000 inhabitants. Weather permitting you can see many people walking or jogging outside. There are many beautiful green areas such as the Oude Plantage along the Nieuwe Maas, next to the football stadium of Excelsior you have the Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum. Then you also have Park Rozenburg and the Venhoeve. And the highlight is the Kralingse Bos and the Kralingse Plas.

The Erasmus University ensures that many students live in the area.

Excelsior Rotterdam

Excelsior was founded in 1902 and plays their home games in the Van Donge & De Roo stadium. There is room for 4400 people. Until 2017 this stadium was called Woudenstein.

Public transportation

Metro lines A, B and C run through this district. You can get on the at metro station Kralingse Zoom, metro station Voorschoterlaan and metro station Gerdesiaweg.

Neighbourhoods in Kralingen-Krooswijk

  • Crooswijk
  • De Esch
  • Kralingen
  • Rubroek
  • Struisenburg