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Which Museums Do You Have In Rotterdam?

Which Museums Do You Have In Rotterdam?

Delfshaven Rotterdam Museums

Every major city has a history and a museum is a perfect way to show this to the people. The second world war had a big impact on Rotterdam so people will always be able to learn about this period. A museum is also a place where they conserve and take care of collections of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance.

Museums in Rotterdam

List of museums in Rotterdam, what you can see and in what district it is located.

Atlas van Stolk Dutch history in picturesCentre
Atlantikwall Museum WW2Hoek van Holland
Belasting & Douane MuseumTax and Customs MuseumCentre
Boijmans Van Beuningen Art museum Centre
Chabot MuseumInternational expressionismCentre
Chessmen Museum ChessCentre
Coastal Lightning MuseumLighthouseHoek van Holland
Cube House Museum Go inside a cube house Centre
Dutch Pinball MuseumPinball adventureDelfshaven
Feyenoord MuseumDutch Football ClubIJsselmonde
Fort 1881Armoured fortHoek van Holland
Netherlands FotomuseumPhotography archive of photographersFeijenoord
Fort HvH Bunker BremenCoastal defence museumHoek van Holland
Futureland museumPort of RotterdamMaasvlakte
Garage RotterdamContemporary artCentre
Het Nieuwe InstituutArchitecture, design and digital cultureCentre
Houweling Telecom MuseumTelecommunications technologyNoord
Het KeringhuisWater barrierHoek van Holland
Kiefhoek House MuseumGo inside a Kiefhoek houseFeijenoord
KunstHal RotterdamArt and cultureCentre
Marines MuseumHistory of Dutch MarinesCentre
Maritime MuseumMaritime Historical Objects and Boat modelsCentre
Mini World RotterdamMiniature worldCentre
Museum OverschieOld district historyOverschie
Museum RotterdamThe story of RotterdamCentre
Museum Rotterdam 40-45 NuWW2 Bombings in RotterdamCentre
Rescue and Ferry Museum Permanently ClosedHoek van Holland
StoomdepotRailway museumNoord
Het NatuurhistorischNational History MuseumCentre
Pablo Rueda Lara Ceramic Museum about PabloDelfshaven
Rock Art MuseumDutch pop HistoryHoek van Holland
Rotterdam Transportation MuseumOld trams and busesNoord
Rotterdam Radio MuseumRadio, television, video and more technologyNoord
Scouting Museum The DucdalfHistory of the Boy ScoutsCentre
Sonneveld HousePreserved Dutch Functionalist Style VillaCentre
Sparta MuseumDutch Football ClubDelfshaven
LaurenskerkGothic churchCentre
Telephone MuseumPrivate Telephone Equipment MuseumIJsselmonde
TENTModern artCentre
Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum botanical garden with a large tree collectionKralingen-Crooswijk
Villa ZebraChildren’s MuseumFeijenoord
Wereldmuseum RotterdamObjects collected by the people from RotterdamCentre
Art Institution Melly Contemporary art Centre