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City district on the north side of Rotterdam

District Overschie

The northernmost district of Rotterdam is Overschie. Here you will find residential areas, business parks and also Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

If you look at the size of this area, relatively few people live here. Mainly because with the business areas Spaanse Polder and Rotterdam Northwest.

Near the airport, there are three hotels.

Public transportation

Public transport in this area goes by bus. If you want to go from RTHA airport to the city centre, you first take bus 33 to metro station Meijersplein. Metro line C will bring you in 5 minutes to Central Station.

You can also smoothly go to The Hague. From the same metro station Meijersplein you’re in the centre of The Hague in half an hour.

Neighbourhoods in Overschie

  • Zestienhoven
  • Kleinpolder
  • Zweth
  • Landzicht
  • Kandelaar