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Small city district, located next to Shell

District Pernis

This district with about 5000 inhabitants belongs to the municipality of Rotterdam since 1934. Pernis is along the A4 motorway in the direction of The Hague and Amsterdam. Pernis is further enclosed by the petrochemical industry on one side and ports for container handling on the other.

There are two parks where mainly the locals go for recreation, Deijffelbroek park and the Pernisser park.

The Sluiskop is the only hotel here. It is mainly workers from the surrounding industry who spend the night here. And now and then, they welcome tourists in one of the 34 hotel rooms. You can look for another hotel here if there are no rooms available.


Public transport also works fine in this district. There are several bus stops, and Pernis also has a metro station. Via metro line C you are in the centre of Rotterdam in less than 20 minutes at metro station Beurs.

Neighbourhoods in Pernis

Pernis district has one residential area.