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Prins Alexander

Prins Alexander

City district with 100.000 inhabitants.

District Prins Alexander

This district is relatively new in Rotterdam. A former agricultural area has transformed into a residential area since 1961. About 100,000 people now live here.

On the outskirts of this district, you can find beautiful nature. The river Rotte runs along Ommoord. On the other side of this river lies the Bergse Bos. Zevenkamp and Nesselande are against the artificial, but no less beautiful lake Zevenhuizerplas. Most of this lake belongs to the municipality of Zuidplas.

The Zevenhuizerplas has two beaches and next to the areas for water sports. Here you can surf, sail, dive, kite surf and row.

This district is pretty green. There are a number of parks and green areas, Prinsenpark, Ommoordse Veld, Wollefoppenpark, Rietveldpark, Taka Tuka garden, Zuidelijk Wijkpark and the Semirami garden.

If you like shopping, you can enjoy yourself visiting Alexandrium Shopping Centre.

Public transportation

Public transport in this district is plentiful. In the residential areas, there is a bus stop within walking distance. Buses drive regularly, and on the digital signs at the bus stop, you can see what time the next bus leaves. This works fine if you have to be somewhere in the district.

At the shopping mall Alexandrium, you have a train and metro station. The train from Rotterdam to Utrecht stops here. Here you can also get on the metro lines A and B. Throughout the district there are 12 metro stations. If you want you can take the metro from one end of Rotterdam, Nesselande, to the other end, Hoek van Holland. You are about an hour away.

Neighbourhoods in Prins Alexander

  • Prinsenland
  • Het Lage Land
  • Oosterflank
  • Zevenkamp
  • Kralingse Veer
  • Ommoord
  • Nesselande