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RedLight District Rotterdam

RedLight District Rotterdam

Red Light District Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the biggest European port. Many sailors and businessmen visit our city regularly. You would think that they could visit a Red Light District like Amsterdam. But in Rotterdam, you have to visit sex clubs or call an Escort Company if you want female companionship and, physical contact, sex. We will guide you to places you can visit. Some clubs are also open for drinks and entertainment. We hope you’ll enjoy yourself.

So, unfortunately for those who were looking for that. The red light district in Rotterdam is not a tourist attraction.

A Little Red Light District History

From 1941 to 1975, there was prostitution in the Katendrecht District. The ladies were standing outside, in front of the door, flirting with men to invite them inside. Today, Katendrecht is a popular district for the higher middle class. You can find some excellent restaurants.

For 20 years, from 1985-2005, there was street prostitution. Men in cars picked up mostly addictive ladies. Then they drove to another location to have sex. Luckily for everyone, street prostitution is illegal again.

Fortunately, for many men, there are still women in the world’s oldest profession in Rotterdam. If you want to meet them, you must go to a sex club. Or you can ask the ladies to come to your house or hotel. So, you don’t have to be lonely in Rotterdam.

Sex Clubs Rotterdam

Scattered around the city are several sex clubs. Three of them are in the ‘s-Gravendijkwal. Maybe you now think you have found the Red Light District in Rotterdam. There are also regular bars in the ‘s-Gravendijkwal, and you must enter a club to see the ladies. No ladies behind windows.

Club OQ

Sex Club OQ Rotterdam

Club OQ is the oldest club in town. For over 40 years, women have entertained men in this club. There’s a non-stop lap dance show on stage you can enjoy watching while sipping a drink. If you want to enjoy a lady a little longer, you can have a private lap dance in one of the VIP lounges.

If a private dance is not enough, you can ask the lady to join you in the private room. You pay 30 euros when you go inside this club. This gives you 2 drinks to sip watching the lap dance. OQ is open 5 days a week, Wednesday to Sunday.

Samantha Privé

Sex club Samantha private

Samantha Private is for men not looking for entertainment. However, you can have some lovely entertainment here. You can find everything you might look for. Erotic massage with a happy end, maybe you like a trio with 2 sexy ladies or sex with a hot girl in a private room. Free entry here.

Night Club Lido

Night club Lido Rotterdam

Night Club Lido is a former discotheque. Now it’s a cosy sex club. Even men at a bachelor party can come in as long as they behave and pay. This attitude makes the Lido a friendly club. Some ladies like to entertain with a hot striptease. If that makes you hot, take her to a private room. Taking one of the ladies to your home or hotel is possible.

Entry into this club is 30 euros, with 3 drinks included. Open 7 days a week.

Karin’s Private Club

Private House karin's Home

In Karin’s Private Club, the ladies will introduce themselves to you. Perhaps that’s easier to find the proper lady for you. The club entrance is free, and you even get a drink while waiting or deciding which beauty you’ll have a closer look at. Karin’s Private Club is in Rochussenstraat and is open every day.

Nightclub Cinderella

Nightclub Cinderella

Rotterdam West is the district where Nightclub Cinderella entertains men. An exclusive area in the club is available for you and your business relations. Club Cinderella is a well-known name in the nightclub scene in Rotterdam. Ladies are always dressed well and available for a relaxing conversation. Of course, there are private rooms for more intimate contact.

White’s Sex Club

White's Sex Club

An exclusive club on this list is White’s Sex Club. You are welcome in the bar or the piano bar from Monday to Friday. Together with one of the ladies relaxing in the swimming pool. Perhaps in the sauna if the girl is not hot enough. You can get to know the girls sitting on a soft couch. This club is for you if you like a relaxing, luxurious environment. For 50 euros, they open the door to enter this paradise for men at Westzeedijk.

Golden Sun

Sex club Golden Sun

In the Golden Sun, you can schedule an appointment with a mistress and her slave. There is a specially equipped studio. You’re also welcome if you want to have a good time with one of the other ladies. Free entry.

Sex Club Lipstick

Sex Club Lipstick

In South Rotterdam, Sex Club Lipstickprive is open from Monday to Saturday. Free parking in the Dordtsestraatweg. So, nothing can stop you from visiting this club. They also like privacy here. You will not see other visitors. You walk in without paying. Every day, from 17:00 to 19:00, it’s Happy Hour.

Club Climax

Sex Club Climax

Sex Club Climax is already hot for over 30 years. So, you might try this place when you’re looking for paid love in south Rotterdam. Open every day from 11:00 to 23:00 hours. Free entry.

Lovely Prive

Sex club Lovely Prive

In Claes de Vrieselaan, you have a sex club, Lovelyprive. This club is open every day of the week. One of their specialities is an erotic massage by four hands. You can also take one of the ladies on dinner or a night out. Couples can also enjoy some exciting hours with one of these beautiful ladies.

For everything, there has to be a first time. Suppose you want to lose your virginity under the guidance of an experienced lady. You can have a shot in Lovely Prive.

Bella Donna

Sex club Bella Donna

In Rotterdam West, Gerrit van de Lindenstraat, you can visit club Bella Donna for free. This small-scale club has 3 luxurious rooms. Private club Bella Dona is open seven days a week.

Sexy Sex

Sex club Sexy Sex

Sexysex is a sex shop and sex club in one. So, you can buy sex toys and try them with one of the available ladies. If they like and if you pay, of course. This club is closed on Sundays. You can find this club in Putsebocht, Rotterdam South.

Sugar and Ecstasy

Sex club Sugar and Ecstasy

Sugar and Ecstasy is an exciting name for the sex club on Prins Hendrikkade. This club is open every day. It’s located almost in the middle of Rotterdam on Noordereiland.

Sex Shop Rosie

Sex Shop Rosie

Rosie on Hilledijk is also a sex shop and sex club at the same time. Open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 22:00 hours.

Sex Club Desiree

Sex Club Desiree

Along the Pleinweg, you can visit the ladies in Sex Club Desiree. You can also visit Club Desiree if you want an erotic massage. They have 2 happy hours from Monday to Friday, 11:00-12:00 and 18:00-19:00. This club is closed at the weekend.

Erotic Massage in Rotterdam

Having sex is one way to release testosterone from the male body. You can also enjoy the excitement of an erotic massage. The locations we mention here offer different kinds of massages. Not every location offers all massages. You can enjoy Thai Massage, Body to Body massage, Tantra Massage and Nuru Massage in Rotterdam.

Click here for Massage Parlours locations.

Red Light District Amsterdam

From Rotterdam to Red Light District Amsterdam

Maybe all this information about the sex clubs in Rotterdam is not what you are looking for. The Red Light District in Amsterdam is also a tourist attraction. In these modern times with so many sex websites, it’s also a little surreal to see a real woman waving at men to get in her tiny bedroom.

Please be aware of the following. Whatever place you go, treat the ladies with respect. Don’t take pictures. Do not buy drugs from dealers. You can be arrested for breaking the law. And be aware of pickpockets.

Location and direction

If you are in Rotterdam, you must travel from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. There are 3 Red Light areas in Amsterdam. The most interesting streets of the most famous area of these three are Oudezijds Voorburgwal en Oudezijds Achterburgwal. Not far away from the first area is Raadhuisstraat. When you arrive in Amsterdam by train at Central Station Amsterdam, walk out the front site and walk over Damrak street. After 5 minutes, you see the square Dam. Go left for the first Red Light area and right for the other.

The third red area is in District De Pijp. This working-class neighbourhood is well worth a visit. Besides hotels, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, coffee shops (to smoke weed) and ladies for pleasure. The best time to visit these areas is between 23:00 and 02:00.

Erotic Massage Places in Rotterdam

Erotic places in Rotterdam

Massage Salon Kim

Massage: Body to Body, Tantra Massage, Erotic Massage, Nuru Massage, Soft SM Massage. Where: Admiraal De Ruyterweg 42A Rotterdam

Tida Thai Massage

Massages: Thai Massage, Body to Body Massage, Erotic Massage. Where: Dordtselaan 81C Rotterdam

Sainam Thai Massage

Massage: Oil Massage, Thai Massage, Body to Body Massage, Erotic Massage, Tantra Massage. Where: Strevelseweg 149A Rotterdam

Body Contour by Baan Jinda

Massage: Topless Massage, Body to Body Massage, Erotic Massage. Where: Jacob van Campenplein 118 Rotterdam

Sawan Massage

Massage: Erotic Massage, Thai Massage. Where: Schiedamseweg Beneden 555 Rotterdam

Willa Thai Massage

Massage: Thai Massage, Erotic Massage, Body-to-Body Massage. Where: Weverhoeksstraat 29 Rotterdam

Saitarn Thai Massage

Massage: Body to Body Massage, Oil Massage, Thai Massage, Body to Body Massage, Erotic Massage. Where: Pleinweg 86A Rotterdam


Massage: Erotic Massage, Body to Body Massage, Thai Massage. Where: Pleinweg 185A Rotterdam

Korat Thai Massage

Massage: Thai Massage, Erotic Massage, Tantra Massage. Where: Strevelseweg 82A Rotterdam

Siwa Thai Massage

Massage: Tantra Massage, Thai Massage, Body to Body Massage. Where: Katendrechtse Lagendijk 380B Rotterdam

Massage Salon 93

Massage: Erotic Massage. Where: ‘s-Gravendijkwal 93 Rotterdam

Erotic Thai Massage Rotterdam
Asian Women in Rotterdam are Beautiful and Sensual

More Red Light District Netherlands

Red Light District The Hague

Red Light District The Hague Geleenstraat
The Geleenstraat in The Hague

Closer to Rotterdam, you can also visit the Red Light District in Den Haag, The Hague. You can go to 2 areas. The Geleenstraat used to be the Red Light District, with almost only beautiful Dutch ladies. Nowadays, most women here are from countries all over the world. One kilometre away, you can go to the Doubletstraat. In both areas, the women are presenting themselves behind windows.

Red Light District Haarlem

In Haarlem, there are 3 streets called the Red Light District. Begijnesteeg is a small alley where some ladies offer services from behind the window. In Begijnehof, an artificial street was created to have the Red Light District atmosphere. The pleasure starts at Lange Begijnestraat 1. You should put this direction in your navigation system or tell a taxi driver if you want to visit this erotic area.

T Poortje is the company name of this artificial street, which you can enter through Korte Begijnestraat 27. It looks complicated, but follow the red lights when you get there.

Red Light District Groningen

The red light district in Groningen is located in Nieuwstad. You can find this street just outside the city centre. There are just under 100 prostitution windows on the ground level in an almost continuous gallery on both sides of the 300 metres of the prostitution area of the street.

Red Light District Utrecht

Currently, there’s no red light district in Utrecht. The Zandpad, where the ladies of pleasure offered from houseboats, closed in 2013. Plans to open a new red light area were recently stopped.

Red Light District Rotterdam open sign
The Red Light District Opening Hours: When the Red Lights are ON, and the Ladies are ready

The biggest port in Europe and one of the smartest harbours in the world has more to offer than a Red Light District. Rotterdam, Netherlands, is a modern cultural city. People visit Rotterdam for business, architecture, fine restaurants and top hotels to enjoy a few of the many things to do.