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Rotterdam Centre

Rotterdam Centre


The Cool District is a part of this fantastic centre

District Centrum

The centre or centrum in Dutch is on the north side of the Nieuwe Maas. In the centre, most shops are open seven days a week. Shops are throughout the centre. The Lijnbaan, Koopgoot and Coolsingel are well-known shopping streets.

You will find 3 parks, Het Park, Museumpark and a smaller neighbourhood Park Oude Westen.

In many places you can also see art outside. You can walk along these works of art yourself but also under the guidance of a guide. Other famous sights in this area are the Erasmus Bridge, the Cube Houses, the Euromast and several museums such as Boijmans Van Beuningen and the Wereldmuseum.

If you want an evening of culture, you can visita theatre like De Doelen, Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg or the Oude Luxor Theater.

If you want to see the city, then walking is always the best option. The residential area the Oude Westen(Old West) is exciting if you’re going to see how the local people live. The Nieuwe Binnenweg is a lovely residential street with many shops and restaurants. Another cosy street is the Witte de Withstraat where you will find restaurants and bars as well as museums and art galleries.

If you want to smoke cannabis or hash, then there are several coffee shops in the shopping centre. WATCH OUT, it’s not allowed to smoke the purchased drug openly on the street!

Rotterdam does not have a redlight district, but there are several nightclubs. The OQ and Whites are the most well-known

In the Rotterdam city centre you have 27 hotels where you can spend the night.


All Five metro lines are running through Rotterdam. They run through the city centre. Metro station Beurs is at the main intersection, all lines A, B, C, D and E leave here.

For metro lines A, B and C you can get off at Station Oostplein, Station Blaak, Station Beurs, Station Eendrachtsplein, Station Dijkzigt and Station Coolhaven.

Metro line D and E stops at Rotterdam Central Station, City Hall Station, Beurs Station and Leuvehaven Station.

Neighborhoods in the Centre

  • Cool district
  • CS kwartier
  • Dijkzigt
  • Nieuwe Werk
  • Oude Westen
  • Stadsdriehoek

You now know more about the centre of Rotterdam. If you want to zoom out and look at the map of the Netherlands from above, you can see it here.