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Rotterdam Netherlands

Rotterdam is a port city in Holland with 645.000 inhabitants. The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest port in Europe. In 1872, after the construction of the Nieuwe Waterweg, the city grew enormously through the port. Rotterdam was the gateway to Europe and therefore became an important place where a lot of trade was conducted. The city was founded in about 1270 and received city rights in 1340.

Perhaps you’ve only heard of Rotterdam because they’re organising the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020. Many people got to know Rotterdam when they were European Capital of Culture in 2001. Sports fans do know Feyenoord. And lovers of architecture are coming from all over the world to see different architectural styles.

Holland or the Netherlands?

Rotterdam is located in the province of South-Holland. The capital city, Amsterdam, is located in North-Holland. These 2 provinces are both named Holland. In the 17th century, most of the VOC’s merchants came from the province of Holland. The merchants introduced themself as being from Holland. And since many countries did business with the VOC of Holland, they thought that they did business with the country Holland. That’s why people are using the name Holland. But the Netherlands has twelve provinces.

So, where is Rotterdam located? And what do I have to say? The answer is the Netherlands. But we know what you mean when you say Holland.

Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the two biggest cities in Holland. Amsterdam has about 850.000 inhabitants, so is a little bigger. Both cities also have a port. The port of Amsterdam is significant, but the port of Rotterdam is the biggest in Europe and the third biggest port in the world behind Shanghai and Singapore. Amsterdam is known for its canals and the Red Light District, De Wallen.

Rotterdam Netherlands

Cube Houses are known all over the world. Erasmus University was ranked among the top 10 business schools in Europe and attracts many students from all over the world. The Summer Carnival is getting bigger every year. And since 2006 the Nort Sea Jazz festival is held in Ahoy Rotterdam.

Rotterdam has a lively nightlife, many cultural sights, iconic architecture, more than 20% of the city are green areas and the tour boats on the Nieuwe Maas sail past beautiful locations. Street Art is very big, there are no less than 6 walking routes along with works of art and murals. So if you question yourself if Rotterdam is worth a visit, the answer is definitely YES.

Map where you see all the districts and industrial areas of Rotterdam. With orange border line.
Map of the Rotterdam districts

How safe is Rotterdam?

In the city, 174 cultures have been living together for many years. Most people are friendly and open to a pleasant chat. The majority speak good English.

Public transport vehicles are clean and like in many big cities pickpockets can walk around there. But fortunately, it is not the case that gangs are continually hunting for your bag or wallet.

The Uber taxis in the city are safe and secure. And also the street taxis are generally clean and reliable. There can always be an exception.

There is no Red Light District in Rotterdam. Of course, there are erotic nightclubs. These places are clean and safe.

Anyway, the Netherlands is generally a safe country. In Rotterdam, there are, of course, some areas where people don’t like to walk around when it’s dark. And yes, some bad things can happen. But there are no areas that are known as unsafe.

Our advice is, use your common sense, and you will be safe.

How Do I Get To Rotterdam Netherlands?

The majority of the people coming to the Netherlands are landing on Schiphol Airport. From here you can take the train to Rotterdam, it will take you around 30 minutes.

It’s also possible to fly directly to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. From here you can take a taxi or Uber to the city centre. You also can take the bus, line 33, to the metro station and go by metro, line E, to the city centre.

Metropolitan Rotterdam – The Hague

Metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague, is a voluntary partnership of municipalities. The goal is the development of a sustainable international metropolitan area. First of all, is to make it an economic stable region where residents can live comfortably. Good transportation between all municipalities will be improved. This development makes the area even more interesting for tourists and visitors.