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Rotterdam Noord

Rotterdam Noord

The oldest residential area of Rotterdam

District Noord

This neighbourhood is against the centre. In 1870 Rotterdam-North was built. By now about 55,000 people are living here. The residential areas here are cosy with many local shops and eateries. So if you want to experience the local atmosphere of the city, then a walk through this area is recommended.

There are two parks in this area, the Roel Langerakpark and the Vroesenpark. Especially the Vroesenpark is interesting. Many locals spend their free time in this park. You are allowed to play soccer, picnic and barbecue. Of course, there are rules. You are only allowed to have a barbecue in the designated areas, you have to leave it clean and tidy, and alcohol nuisance remains punishable. Every year there are also some festivals held in the Vroesenpark.

Diergaarde Blijdorp or Rotterdam Zoo is a big attraction in this area. Every year 1.5 million people visit the zoo. The animals are divided over different parts of the world where you can walk past. An attraction that attracts many visitors is the Oceanium. Here you step on the bottom of the ocean while all sort of animals swims over you.

Public transportation

In this district, there is only one metro station, Blijdorp Station. This station is located right next to the Vroesenpark, on the Statenweg.
As everywhere in Rotterdam, bus transport is also well organized here. Within walking distance, there is always a bus stop.

With 12 tram stations, you can easily travel there by tram. Tram line 4 stops in Heer Bokkelweg, Noordsingel, Eudokiplein, Van Den Hoonaardstraat and Soetendaalseweg. For tram line 8 you can get on and off at Zwaanshals, Benthuizerweg, Soetendaalseweg and Meent. Tram station Meent also stops for tram line 7. You also have tram line 25 with three stops in this district, Schiekade, Walenburgerweg and Schieweg.

In the northwest of the district is also train station Noord.

Neighbourhoods in Noord

  • Bergpolder
  • Blijdorp
  • Provenierswijk
  • Agniesebuurt
  • Oude Noorden
  • Liskwartier