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Since 2010 a city district of Rotterdam

District Rozenburg

This district is between the port and industrial areas of Rotterdam. This place lies against the Nieuwe Waterweg and between Europoort and Botlek.

The only hotel, Hotel Rozenburg, here lies in a beautiful shopping street. Next to the typical local shops, you will find some lovely places where you can have a drink and eat.

If you walk through the shopping area, you will also pass windmill De Hoop, which has been built-in 1887 if you want to see the inside of the mill you have to make an appointment. From April to October, there is a small exhibition in the former miller’s house next to the mill.

Public transportation

If you travel by public transport, it is best to take bus 105 to Spijkenisse centre, which takes 20 minutes and will cost you €3,12. From Metrostation Spijkenisse you can travel on with metro line C or D. With metro line C you can travel to Rotterdam Blaak to visit the Market Hall. That will cost you €3.66.
You can take metro line D to Rotterdam Central Station for €3.73. In both cases, you’ll be in the metro for about 30 minutes.

You can also cross the Nieuwe Waterweg by ferry. On the other side of the water is Metro station Maassluis. Here you can take metro line B to Hoek van Holland and Rotterdam.

Neighbourhoods in Rozenburg

Rozenburg district has one residential area.