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Where Is Rotterdam Netherlands?

Rotterdam is an essential and fascinating city in the Netherlands. From the past, the Netherlands is very often called Holland. This name originated when the Dutch company, the VOC, was the largest trading company in the world. The trading company was in the province of Holland. Because of this, people always talked about Holland and not about the Netherlands. If you look at a map, you will find Holland on the west side of Europe. Because of its location on the North Sea, the port of Rotterdam has become the largest port in Europe.

The second biggest city in the Netherlands is Rotterdam. With the sub municipality Hoek van Holland, the city borders at the North Sea. If you take a boat in the direction of Rotterdam city centre, you will sail seven kilometres through the canal Nieuwe Waterweg. You will then pass the Maasvlakte 2, which came into use in 2013, and the Maasvlakte 1, which is in use since 1973. Afterwards, you will pass the Europoort and see petrochemical refineries. Some 14 million containers are loaded and unloaded here every year.

Picture from satellite shows where Rotterdam is on the map in the Netherlands
Rotterdam, seen from a satellite. You can see the Maasvlakte and the enormous port

From the Port of Rotterdam to the City Centre

The Nieuwe Waterweg flows into the Scheur, and here you can see Maasdijk and Maassluis. Rozenburg is the next sub municipality and the last major industrial area is the Botlek. Here you will also find the petrochemical industry and the storage of dry bulk goods. All in all, this is the largest port in Europe. Kanaal de Scheur has a length of 13 km.

Then comes the Nieuwe Waterweg with a length of 24 kilometres. Under the Nieuwe Waterweg, we come across the first tunnel that connects Rotterdam-south with Rotterdam-north, the Benelux tunnel. This tunnel made it, since 1967, more accessible to drive to Amsterdam by car or truck. The capital city is about 79 kilometres from this tunnel.

The next sub municipality we encounter is Pernis. And the second connection from south to north is the Maastunnel. Beyond the Maas tunnel, you are as good as in the centre of Rotterdam, and you see the famous white Erasmus bridge, also called The Swan. The next bridge is the recently repainted Willems bridge, and if you pass under the Brienenoord bridge, you leave Rotterdam again.

Rotterdam to Amsterdam

Bikes and canals in Amsterdam
Typical Amsterdam view, bikes and one of their canals in the background

The centre of Rotterdam is about an hour’s drive from the centre of Amsterdam. If you go to Schiphol Airport, you will be there in about 45 minutes. Because of the hustle and bustle on the roads, it is always wise to add about 15 minutes.

Where is Rotterdam in comparison to other major cities in Europe

Utrecht is a Dutch city just over 60 kilometres from Rotterdam. If you go south, you will reach Breda after 50 kilometres. If you go further east, you will arrive in Eindhoven after 110 kilometres.

If you continue from Breda to the South, you end up in Belgium. The first major city you come across is Antwerp, 100 kilometres from Rotterdam. If you want to go to Brussels, you are 145 kilometres away. The Netherlands also borders on Germany. The first big city you will find there is Düsseldorf. By car from Rotterdam, it takes about 2,5 hours without traffic jams. You will have covered about 220 kilometres by then.

Rotterdam to London

If you are in Rotterdam and you want to go to London, it is best to fly. There are several daily flights from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to London City Airport. This flight takes about 50 minutes. The distance from London to Rotterdam is about 320 kilometres or 200 mijl as the crow flies. By car, you have two options. You can drive to Calais and then continue to London by autotrain. This trip will take about 5 hours and 45 minutes, and you will cover 305 miles or 491 kilometres. The second option is by ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. This distance is 222 miles or 357 kilometres. You are about 5 hours and 55 minutes on the road with this trip, but you can rest for about 4 hours on the ferry.

Rotterdam to New York

From Rotterdam to New York is 3638 miles or 5855 kilometres in bird’s-eye view. You fly via Amsterdam, and the fastest flight takes 8 hours. Rotterdam is closer than you think.

Local Time in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is in the Central Europe Time zone. For the local time this means you calculate UTC/GMT +1.

Beautiful view over Rotterdam, just after sunset
Many different architectural styles in Rotterdam
A massive oil tanker is entering the port of Rotterdam
The biggest oil tankers in the world can enter the port of Rotterdam
Small and big container ships are loaded and unloaded 24/7 in Rotterdam
Loading and unloading containers ships is a 24/7 job in Rotterdam

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